What is Tinuiti's Amazon Sales Program?

By Tinuiti Team

It’s no secret that Amazon has become a much more sophisticated, complex, and competitive environment over the last few years.

In 2018, Amazon made big moves with a record-breaking Cyber Monday, not to mention the continued expansion into dozens of private label brands, the launch of new attribution efforts, and the increasing number of ad placements, targeting capabilities and creative tools for brands.


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When it comes to the evolution of Amazon’s Marketplace, nobody understands the complexities of Amazon quite like Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy.

In the following interview, Petriello describes the advancements of CPC Strategy’s Amazon Sales Program (since 2014).

Expert Q&A: CPC Strategy’s Amazon Sales Program


Q. What does it take to be a successful Amazon Marketplace seller today versus 5 or 10 years ago?

A. In the past, many sellers considered Amazon another eBay. They’d resell products on the side, or sell cheap products without paying much attention to their product copy, content, or ads.

Things have changed.

With every policy change, Amazon pushes out more of those sellers (and resellers) looking to make a quick buck and makes room for more brands and professional sellers who will uphold their reputation.

With the help of an Amazon agency, you could be the latter.

Q. What is CPC Strategy’s Amazon Program? Who does it make sense for and how can it be helpful?

A. Without the time, expertise, technology, and gameplan to optimize their Marketplace performance, most Amazon brands will hit the proverbial “wall.”

The Amazon Sales Acceleration Program (ASAP) is designed to equip brands with a Marketplace strategy focused on building a foundation that aims to ensure their long-term vitality on Amazon.

Between content, inventory, search advertising, display advertising, video, keyword research, catalog management, pricing, competitive analysis, reporting, and a litany of other considerations, brands on the Marketplace can easily get overwhelmed.

“What is certain, though, is that paid advertising continues to grow in prevalence, importance, and complexity for brands on Amazon.”

One only has to look at the evolution of Amazon’s search results pages to see how paid placements have assumed the dominant positions in front of shoppers.

The absence of or failure to leverage technology and a comprehensive advertising strategy on Amazon significantly limits the ability of brands to reach customers. Our program is here to help execute on all of the above.

Q. How do I know if this program is right for me?

A. Whether you advertise on Amazon or not, you probably hear about it on the news every day.

How many other advertising or Marketplace channels get that much press?

As a Marketplace seller or even a vendor considering expanding to 3P, you know the competition is fierce.

The winners will be defined by their ability to focus on their overall business goals while adapting to changes on the platform.

The failures will waste their time blindly optimizing product descriptions and modifying bids until their business gets choked out (by the winners, of course).

“But there’s a secret weapon a lot of winners rely on: An Amazon agency or consultant they trust.”

From tedious operations (eating up your time) to an overall lack of Amazon support, here’s10 Ways to Tell You Need to Hire an Amazon Agency.


how to tell if you need an amazon agency

Q. What are the different aspects of CPC Strategy’s Amazon Program?

A. From advertising to content & branding to Marketplace consulting, CPC Strategy offers Amazon solutions to fit your every need.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what we currently offer:





Content & Branding:


Marketplace Consulting & Execution:


For more information on CPC Strategy’s Amazon offerings, email [email protected]

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