CPC Strategy Visits Amazon HQ, Talks Technology & Creative Content

By Tinuiti Team

At CPC Strategy, our purpose is to serve as the strategic layer between your business and Amazon to ensure advertising campaigns are not only profitable – but thriving.

Our Amazon Sales Acceleration Program (ASAP) is specifically designed to equip professional vendors and sellers with a Marketplace strategy to ensure long-term vitality. But what really sets us apart from other providers is our growing relationship with Amazon’s advertising teams.

Not only does this relationship benefit our agency, it also allows us to help our clients with case escalations, beta programs, insider tips, trends and more.

“We have weekly discussions with several points of contact on the AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), AMG (Amazon Media Group), and Sponsored Products advertising teams at Amazon,” Jeff Coleman, VP, Marketplace Channels at CPC Strategy said.

“This allows our agency to get beta access to new features, whether that’s in the UI or the API. We also get direct access to Amazon’s development team for support.”

We get a lot of questions from clients and blog readers about our Amazon Team and the work that we do at CPC Strategy. In the following blog post, we give you an inside peek at some of the recent highlights from our team this year.

CPC Strategy Visits Amazon Headquarters

In Q4 2017, several members from our Amazon advertising team took a trip to Amazon headquarters.

“Typically, we visit Amazon Headquarters at least twice a year for training and to view new product road maps,” Coleman said.

“These visits provide us with the opportunity to meet with Amazon’s product development teams to find out what they are working on and what new advertising features we can expect to see in the near future.”

Fun facts About Amazon’s Headquarters:


CPC Strategy Speaks at PROSPER

Although our team is always working hard to improve client results, we do take time to meet and converse with other professionals in the Amazon advertising space.

Aimed at online sellers seeking to improve their business on Amazon, the PROSPER conference held in Las Vegas (March 2017) featured several ex-Amazon leaders, including CPC Strategy’s very own Head of Marketplace Strategy – Pat Petriello, and professionals from leading Amazon marketplace solution providers.

With an abundance of workshops, a robust speaker list, and a packed agenda, the PROSPER Show is a must-attend for retailers with a presence on Amazon.

Second from the right – Pat Petriello, CPC Strategy’s Head of Marketplace Strategy at PROPSER 2017.

If you didn’t catch Petriello at the event earlier this year, you can still download his exclusive “Amazon Success Pack” which includes:


CPC Strategy Expands Technology & Creative Services

CPC Strategy’s (full service) clients have access to a variety of benefits including a dedicated Marketplace analyst & strategist, in addition to weekly executive dashboard reports. But what we pride ourselves on more than anything is the development of our unique technology (CAPx).

“Another benefit to working with Amazon’s advertising teams is it allows us to develop our CAPx functionality and features at the fastest possible rate and gives us a leg up on other technologies that are currently available on the market,” Coleman said.

Our CAPx Technology:

CAPx Amazon is CPC Strategy’s proprietary in-house analytics tool for managing our Sponsored Products advertising efforts.

This technology provides our Amazon experts with an enhanced suite of tools to execute a sophisticated Sponsored Products advertising strategy.

Ultimately, being able to analyze consumer & product data allows our Amazon team to build the most effective and profitable campaigns possible.

“CAPx is an advanced level approach that can’t be mimicked through Campaign Manager within Seller Central,” Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy said.

“Thanks to CAPx, we can be responsive to market change through the implementation of advanced rules, rank tracking capabilities – all customized for a specific goal.”

“As the Marketplace becomes more mature, our clients are going to expect a certain level of sophistication and we know we can achieve that through the use of this tool.”

In the following blog article, we showcase how our unique CAPx Bidding Technology was able to double a client’s performance in less than a month.

Not only do we use CAPx internally to optimize our full service management, we also offer CAPx software (external tool) for Professional Third-Party Amazon Sellers.

If you would like to learn more about CAPx Amazon Sponsored Products, you can schedule a demo here or email [email protected].

Our Amazon Creative Services:

In addition to our technology, we also offer clients creative services to bridge the branding gap between Amazon and their website through:


A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content enable Vendors and Brand Registered Sellers to showcase the unique value proposition of their products through enhanced images and text placements.



Our project managers consult with our clients to build A+ content, EBC and Amazon Stores customized for the Amazon Marketplace as an extension and premium representation of your brand.

Not only does creative content improve the aesthetic appeal of your product detail pages, it can also result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales.

In a recent blog interview, we spoke with Gary Jiang, Digital Marketing Manager at Dream Water who said:

“I think Enhanced Brand Content is a great addition to Seller Central’s suite of tools. I’m a huge fan of EBC because I want consumers to have a positive experience when it comes to searching and buying products online.”

Dream Water & CPC Strategy Team up to Increase Amazon Ad Revenue

dream water

“Overall, Amazon releasing EBC content has been conducive for a better buying experience. If a customer can land on a listing and be able to see a coherent story for the brand as well as the products designed in an aesthetically pleasing way – it not only improves the conversion rate but it also improves the customer’s experience and that’s a huge benefit.”

If you would like to learn more about CPC Strategy’s Amazon team, our technology or services, email [email protected].

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