How BioGanix Uses Amazon Creative Content To Win Over Customers

By Tinuiti Team

If you are actively selling products in the Amazon Health and Personal Care category, you’ve probably noticed an increase in competition, not to mention the fact it’s now much harder for new sellers to get access than it was 4 or 5 years ago.

So, how can supplement sellers differentiate themselves in one of the most competitive categories on the Marketplace?

According to Abis Hussain, Senior Marketing Officer at Relevium Technologies Inc. implementing Enhanced Brand Content and building an Amazon Store was critical for the success of BioGanix on the Marketplace.

Today, BioGanix currently offers 35 dietary supplement products and is considered one the best-selling products in the Health and Personal Care category on Amazon.

In the following interview, Hussain reveals why BioGanix is utilizing Amazon creative content to redefine their brand and how they plan to stay competitive in 2018.

Abis Hussain, Senior Marketing Officer at Relevium Technologies Inc.

Q. Can you explain the relationship between Relevium Technologies Inc. & BioGanix?

A. Relevium Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded corporation strategically focused on the acquisition of entrepreneurial e-brands and technologies with health and wellness in mind. Our area of interest and focus include Nutraceuticals, Sports Nutrition and Nutri-cosmeceuticals.

BioGanix is the first brand we acquired in the summer of 2017. The brand currently specializes in dietary supplements that support weight loss, heart-, brain-, digestive health, blood sugar, and more.

Our vision is to take BioGanix to a new level with a full rebranding, website redesign and the launch of new SKUs. The long-term vision is to acquire more companies like this and build a community. We want to not only offer our premium products to that community but educate them as well.

This year, we will launch a variety of new hemp and aloe vera based products – all exclusive to BioGanix. Right now, customers can buy our products on our website and on Amazon, but we are also looking to expand to new markets such as,, &

Q. Why did you decide to partner with CPC Strategy?

A. We wanted to make sure our PPC campaigns were being managed well. As Senior Marketing Officer for the company, I’m busy doing other things and PPC advertising couldn’t be my full time job.

CPC Strategy is a strategic partner who not only runs our PPC campaigns, but also provides advisory for us when we have questions regarding our Amazon business.

Initially, when we teamed up with CPC Strategy, we were just focusing on optimizing our PPC campaign management but then we got into a discussion regarding design changes on our Amazon listing.

Today, the Amazon Marketplace is flushing out knockoffs and resellers to make sure the brands selling on the platform are ‘the real deal’. We recognized it was time for us to transition from being just an Amazon seller to a brand.

BioGanix Implements EBC & Updates Amazon Store

In December, BioGanix teamed up with CPC Strategy’s Design Team to implement Enhanced Brand Content on their top 5 products.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content allows Brand Registered Sellers to showcase the unique value proposition of their products through enhanced images and text placements. Adding Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, also known as EBC to your product detail pages may result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

“We were very satisfied – so we decided to update our Amazon Store as well,” Hussain said.

Amazon Stores is a product that allows brand owners to design and create multipage stores to showcase their brands, products and value proposition on Amazon. These multipage stores provide a curated collection of a brand’s products in a customized, brand-centric, shopping experience.

“The main benefit of Amazon Stores is to provide customized content to potential customers and to introduce prospective customers to your brand,” AJ Swamy, Client Services Manager at CPC Strategy said.

“Each page gives you the opportunity to brand it ‘your way’ with lots of supportive content and freedom. It’s basically like designing your own website on Amazon.”

BioGanix "Amazon Store"

Q. Is it difficult to drive results in a highly competitive vertical?

A. I think the supplement industry has to be one of the hardest verticals to sell in. This is for two reasons:

For example, when you buy a pair of socks, as soon as its delivered the customer will put them on and try them out right away. The average time period a customer will leave a review is within 24-48 hours.

But with supplements, that doesn’t happen. By the time the customer starts to see or feel results, it’s typically two or three weeks after they started taking the product. After three weeks, the chances of getting a customer to log back into Amazon and leave a review is pretty low.

When we look at review comparisons in other categories, pharmaceuticals are the hardest to get.

The harder it is to get reviews, the harder it is to scale.

At BioGanix, we are very proactive. We send a follow up email to the customer right after the product is delivered. Then, we send an additional email after 10 days, 2 weeks and 4 weeks.

The main reason we implement this exercise is because we want to know if our buyers are happy. That information is extremely important to us because we want them to come back again.

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