Amazon Pages is an Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising feature that allows brands to create a customized landing page, giving vendors increased exposure on the Amazon Marketplace.

NEW UPDATE (9/5/2017): Amazon Pages will end on October 31, 2017.

What Does The End of Amazon Pages Mean?

  • Amazon Pages that are linked to Headline Search Ad campaigns will remain active until December 31, 2017.
  • Amazon is now encouraging vendors to invest in “Amazon Store” to showcase their products and promote their brand.

“Amazon Store” is a free self-service product that allows brand owners to design and create multipage stores to showcase their brands, products and value proposition on Amazon.

To learn more, check out: “Everything Vendors Need to Know About The New Amazon Stores

Amazon Brand Pages 101

As seen in the Burton page example below, Amazon pages include hero images (aka banners) and links to social media which help to build social fans and share social content to your Amazon Page & Facebook.

According to Amazon, brand pages allow vendors to receive detailed metrics through Amazon Analytics. These insights can be transformed into well-informed posts that help drive your business objectives.

Based on Amazon Analytics, you can then design well-directed posts to help increase your brand’s sales and presence with Amazon customers and Facebook users.

amazon pages

Pro-Tip: Amazon allows one Amazon Page per brand.

Amazon Brand Page Optimizations

5 tips on how to optimize your Amazon brand page including:

1) Keep the layout simple and utilize white space (as seen in the Burton example below).

All content must conform to Amazon’s General Creative Guidelines which can be found at here.
According to Amazon, if a product is being featured within the creative, the product should be mostly uncropped and clear as to what the customer is looking at. If the “product hero” is being used, the white box should not be obscuring any important visual elements (as seen below):

amazon pages

Credit: Amazon AMS

2) Make sure you have links for product categories that cover most if not all of the products you have & use the design to feature seasonal or popular products.

amazon pages3) If you still want to have a product widget, add those below the creative section at the bottom of the page & use the Recommendations Widget if you have a large catalog.

“It is dynamic meaning that every customer sees different products based off what they have purchased in the past and what they are currently browsing for. Amazon customer data is very powerful so let Amazon determine what products have the highest probability of conversion based of each page visitor,” Nick Sandberg, Marketplace Manager at CPC Strategy said.

amazon pages

4) Use the Best seller widget.

“This is dynamic as well but is based on which of your products are selling the most. This is great because it changes with popularity and seasonality. Let Amazon determine what’s best based off of their data,” Sandberg said.

amazon pages

5) Use page metrics to measure if your change was a success. Learn how to interpret Detail Page Views and Units Sold to see if your page change was positive.

Additional Amazon Pages Creative Tips:

    • Avoid ALL CAPS in Copy: Copy that is all-caps can be perceived as shouting and should be avoided when possible. When absolutely necessary, (per mandatory brand guidelines), all-caps copy should be used sparingly and at a considerate size.
    • Quality Images: High-resolution imagery, properly formatted copy and creative best practices should be standard. Keep messaging short and use a minimum number of typefaces.
    • Know What to Avoid: Avoid promotional messaging or pricing information due to the fluctuating nature of in-stock prices. Creative cannot include Amazon-branded elements such as buttons, star ratings or logos (as seen below).



Credit: Amazon (AMS)

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