Why Programmatic Technology Is Necessary for Amazon Sponsored Products Management

By Tinuiti Team

Most sellers understand that in order to thrive on the Amazon Marketplace, they will need to implement an advanced marketing strategy.

In an ideal world, every product deserves to be treated as it’s own business, but in reality – managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs manually isn’t feasible for most advertisers.

Granular product analysis requires access to advanced tools which is why CPC Strategy decided to invest, design and construct our own custom Amazon reporting and management technology.

What is the CAPx Amazon Platform?

CAPx Amazon is CPC Strategy’s proprietary in-house analytics tool for managing our Sponsored Products advertising efforts.

This technology provides our Amazon experts with an enhanced suite of tools to execute a sophisticated Sponsored Products advertising strategy.

Ultimately, being able to analyze consumer & product data allows our Amazon team to build the most effective and profitable campaigns possible.

capx amazon

Why is technology necessary for Amazon Sponsored Products management?

One of the main benefits of this tool is that it provides advanced performance tracking, (a critical component in terms of measuring & evaluating a client’s performance).

“We built CAPx for Amazon because this specific type of digital functionality doesn’t currently exist within Campaign Manager (via Seller Central) for Sponsored Products,” Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy.pat-petriello

“We believe that manual reporting via the Campaign Manager is no longer the most efficient or effective way to analyze Amazon Sponsored Products data.”

CPC Strategy’s technology is the strategic layer on top of Amazon’s current capabilities to ensure your campaign management is optimized for success. 

“Because of the way Campaign Manager is set up, it’s not uncommon to find that a piece of data exists in one report, but another relevant piece of data exists in a totally separate tab or view,” Petriello said.

“Amazon does not make it readily available to tie all of this data together to create reports that allow you to make actionable decisions on your advertising. With CAPx for Amazon, we can see the impressions, click-through rate, cost per click, spend, number of orders, sale, cost of sale – all for a given time period. Having access to that data is a major reason why we built this tool.”

Using CAPx technology we can track aggregate keywords and performance across multiple campaigns and multiple ad groups. As of now, within Seller Central, you can only see how a specific keyword is performing for a particular ad group or campaign. Fortunately, using our CAPx technology we can aggregate that keyword’s performance across all campaigns.

“The point that I’m driving home here is that for many Amazon practitioners, the default is to go into Campaign Manager in Seller Central to view performance for a campaign keyword. But at CPC Strategy, we are actively changing that behavior so that the first place our Amazon practitioners go to evaluate performance is in CAPx. Everything that you can find in Seller Central – you can also find in CAPx and much more.”

Our campaign managers can also track performance as it correlates to changes within the campaign during a certain time period. For example: How did my campaign respond to the addition of new keywords? What was my performance like after a bid change?nick-sandberg We’re collecting all this data and storing it in a backend database.

“The comparison date range is a powerful tool as well,” Nick Sandberg, Marketplace Program Development Manager at CPC Strategy said.

“We can look at any campaign, ad group, keyword or product over a given period of time and compare that to any other period of time to see the percentage or net changes across any metric available to us in the platform.”

I can diagnose issues much quicker. For example, if my sales were down for the last two weeks (in my best campaign) I could look at those two weeks and compare them to the previous two to see if maybe CTR, impressions, clicks, or conversions decreased,” he said.

CAPx Amazon Platform Benefits include:

Takeaways for Amazon Sellers & Advertisers:

“CAPx is an advanced level approach that can’t be mimicked through Campaign Manager within Seller Central. We are much more sophisticated than our competitors and this gives me a high level of confidence that we are managing our clients in the most sophisticated ways possible,” Petriello said.

“Thanks to CAPx, we can be responsive to market change through the implementation of advanced rules, rank tracking capabilities – all customized for a specific goal. As the Marketplace becomes more mature, our clients are going to expect a certain level of sophistication and we know we can achieve that through the use of this tool.”

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