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Display Ads in Augmented Reality: The Future is Here

By Tinuiti Team

No, augmented reality (AR) is not science fiction. In fact, in the world of digital marketing, AR technology is taking hold right now. Some of the most widely recognized brands are using AR technology to forever change how customers interact with their brands. It’s opening a whole new channel for eCommerce, fashion and retail outlets looking to better connect with their audience. 

AR technology is changing the digital landscape and changing how companies view lead generation. Engaging, thought-provoking and interactive AR advertisements are improving brand awareness and driving customer engagement. The market is growing. In fact, in just a short time, AR technology has increased from 60 million users in 2013 to an expected 200 million by 2018.  So, what is so innovative and interesting about AR technology, and why should your digital marketing team be open to using this new technology for lead generation? 

Improve Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement

AR advertising is limitless. Companies are improving brand awareness with mobile apps, interactive catalogs and 4D augmented reality cards. In fact, one of the best adoptions of AR was Top Gear’s combination of print and video over eight issues in 2011. Considered the world’s first fully augmented magazine, Top Gear's motion graphics come to life anytime users pass their smartphone or tablet over the magazine cover or a given page. 

Top Gear’s use of motion graphics increased customer engagement, which resulted in thousands of video views. Upwards of 50% of their readers had access to smartphones and 27% engaged with the video content within the first two issues. All that engagement meant their click-through rates (CTR) increased by 25%. Other examples of AR technology in digital marketing include promoting the Walking Dead TV series. This inventive approach included superimposing zombies on a bus shelter’s glass wall so that people waiting saw 3D animations on a live video-feed, one that made it seem as if the zombie attacks were happening on the street in real-time. 

State-of-the-Art Experiential Marketing Platform

This is the ultimate experiential marketing platform, one that encourages customers to participate and engage your brand like never before. In fact, it’s a solution that could change how customers see your brand. Companies using this AR technology have seen a significant lift in brand recall, and many have opted to incorporate AR apps in their marketing campaigns. Customers can upload photos and interact with different products through their smartphones. Here are some of the immediate benefits of incorporating AR into your lead generation strategies. 

State-of-the-Art Content: Customers can interact with your content in ways they simply can’t with video, infographics and the written word. Creating viral content nowadays has never been more difficult. However, with AR, you have a greater chance of your content going viral, and that means more social sharing by customers within their networks. 

Unique Approach: While this is a relatively new approach, it won’t be long before it catches on. Development will be quick, so getting in now is critical. This gives you an opportunity to take advantage of a platform your competitors may not be aware of. 

Personalized Experiences: Consumers can have an in-store experience without ever leaving their house. Retailers and fashion outlets can showcase their latest seasonal trends, while customers can view the latest products and try them out from the comfort of home. 

Think about how your customers interact with your products. Now think about how AR technology can engage your customers and how that will help you increase lead generation. Getting involved now just might help you get a head start on a technology that will soon become the norm. 

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