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Sizmek's New Ad Serving Platform: An Overview

By Tinuiti Team

With Google’s recent move to restrict the flow of their unique user IDs to their own systems, there has been an opening in the ad serving space. Sizmek has recently unveiled a new platform it says can fill the void.

The new platform touts two main benefits for marketers: it’s an all-in-one platform and it offers Sizmek user IDs. Let’s take a quick look at these two features and how they help Sizmek stand out amongst competitors.

Combined Data, Creative, and Media

The new platform unites the Sizmek DMP, DSP, and ad server all under one roof. This can be useful for less loss of data between systems as well as being more user-friendly with the same look and feel across all three platforms.

sizmek platform

However, the most intriguing aspect of this could be the introduction of a Sizmek user ID that can take the place of Google’s Doubleclick ID.

The platform will assign unique user IDs to all sources of media that are served by Sizmek’s new ad server, including Google-owned media, and those unique ID reports will be available to advertisers.

In addition to the Sizmek ID, leveraging a DMP and DSP on the same platform as your ad server has several distinct advantages. Users would have the ability to seamlessly take their audiences that are housed in their DMP, assign creative and analytics tagging within their ad server to those audiences, and bid for those users with paid campaigns through the DSP.

A Worthy Alternative

The new Sizmek offering may appeal to companies that have used data transfer in the past because of its ability to house and analyze holistic, cross-channel data outside of the Google stack. Companies that have used Doubleclick ID’s in the past via data transfer and are reluctant to move all of their data inside Google’s Ads Data Hub, will also likely be intrigued by the new platform.

If Google left a void in the ad serving space by restricting the flow of their unique user IDs to their own systems, Sizmek just may have filled it. Their new platform seems to deliver on the promise of more in-depth analytics on ad performance and offers unique features that could lead to better-optimized campaigns over the long term. Companies looking at new ad serving solutions can consider Sizmek’s new platform an alternative worth exploring.

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