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SteelHouse Puts More Creative Control in Advertisers' Hands

By Tinuiti Team

Designing and establishing online ads is certainly a huge investment for any business. Unfortunately, a lot of ads get ignored. Part of this problem is the abundance of ads available. Some ads are bound to get buried due to the massive number of ads consumers are bombarded with.

Another part of this problem is poor quality ad content. Some ads have an overcomplicated design, with a cluttered appearance. Certain ads lack clear copy, including a comprehensible call to action. Other ads lack relevancy. Sometimes consumers avoid engaging with ads because they fear spam, viruses, and malware.

These detractors make it even more crucial to create display advertising that strongly connects with one’s target audience. SteelHouse, an Elite SEM partner, is committed to helping digital advertisers realize this by implementing a suite of tools meant to give them more creative power.

The Creative Suite

This new suite of tools is known as the Creative Suite. It’s composed of Ad Builder and Creative Library, which integrates Getty Images and YouTube. More specifically, brands and their agency partners can use videos from YouTube and upload their own creations.

They can also access millions of exceptional photos from Getty Images or supply their own. As for the ad builder, it can only be accessed through a browser as of now, but SteelHouse is in the process of developing a downloadable version.

Overall, this suite gives advertisers space and ability to concoct display advertising designs that fuse their innovation with that of others.

How Far Can Advertisers Take Their Creativity?

The Creative Suite is more than a place to merge others’ videos or images with their own, it allows advertisers to take on the development of display advertising from scratch.

Besides pulling content from the creative library, advertisers can receive step-by-step guidance on how to create their own ads with tutorials. Using customizable ad templates and multiple ad sizes is within their reach. Dragging and dropping text and visuals into ad space is possible.

If advertisers are advanced in their abilities, they can even edit the ad code to their liking. We’re told there are more updates in store, such as incorporating user-generated content from other social media sites.

What Makes This Creative Suite Unique?

Mark Douglas, the president and CEO of SteelHouse, understands that most digital content is created by consumers, not creative departments. He wanted to bridge the gap between advertisers and the target audiences they pursue – that’s why the Creative Suite allows brands and agencies to use content from platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. The content generated by brands on these platforms can be built into ads. This allows advertisers to keep up with the artistic and lifestyle trends of the audience, creating ad content that is tastefully simple, relevant and trustworthy.

We’re excited to see such advancements in ad design – looking forward to future rollouts from SteelHouse and our other awesome partners!

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