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The Programmatic Display Advantage During a Coronavirus Crisis

By Tinuiti Team

Programmatic is not a blunt advertising tactic but a broad set of tools that enable advertisers to activate media up and down the marketing funnel based on a specific set of objectives and desired outcomes. 

The majority of programmatic investment lies within mid-funnel and direct response budgets that are generally tied to last-click attribution. With this quick and clear visibility into performance, marketers should not panic and continue to make decisions based on real-time data. 

5 Tips for Programmatic Strategy During the Coronavirus

Here’s a closer look at 5 tips for managing your programmatic strategy during COVID-19:

Tip #1 Flexibility

Unlike other mediums such as print, out of home and sponsorships, programmatic campaigns can be easily tweaked to adjust budget, goals and desired outcomes in real-time with little disruption. This allows for quick to market testing opportunities with minimal financial commitment and a quick read on performance.  

Tip #2 Brand Safety and Context

Context has been gaining momentum since Apple ITP and Google’s most recent announcement around cookies. TheCovid situation shines an even brighter light on the need to not just understand or target using context but to decide in real-time, based on-page content, whether brand messaging should be delivered or not. 

Consumer perception will be sensitive during these times and brands need to be smart about their messaging and the environment in which they are delivered. Ensuring your brand safety and contextual strategies are in sync with current events is key to avoid damage to your brand. 

Tip #3 An Opportunity for Buyers

Some advertisers will likely pull back investment based on their specific business scenarios.  This will create an opportunity for smart buyers to seize on efficient rates for high quality inventory and valuable audiences.  As more people work from home, there will be a unique opportunity within the digital video and OTT space for increased reach and efficiency due to the increase in consumption of these formats. 

Tip #4 Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

The ability to personalize creative messaging based on real time data signals is crucial to any programmatic strategy.  Advertisers who have built Dynamic Creative Optimization into their strategy will be able to promote new creative messaging on the fly, without disrupting campaigns or confusing algorithms. This will save time, money and reduce the risk of negative brand impact. 

Tip #5 Actionable Insights

Programmatic campaigns generate tons of data at the most granular level.  Analyzing these large datasets enables advertisers to hone in on very specific geographical markets, climates, devices or sites where performance is still able to be uncovered.  Actionable insights can be extracted that will provide value outside of just media activation that can inform other aspects of the advertiser’s business.

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