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Ways to Boost Display Remarketing Efforts

By Tinuiti Team

Most advertisers see the best direct response results from their remarketing campaign. Remarketing offers advertisers the chance to reconnect with previous website visitors and leads to establish an optimized path to conversion. In other words, it's a practical way for them to reengage customers that visited your site.

But how can you take your remarketing efforts to the next level? We've compiled a convenient, cost-effective list of strategies worth using to improve your remarketing experience .

Custom Creative and/or Messaging

One area you should focus on is your display advertising message(s). It's important to ensure this message or CTA is relevant to your target audience. When deciding what to say, factor in your target audience's demographics, geographics, psychographics, behavioral orientation, and contextual basis.

Doing so will produce higher returns for your website because it shows that you care about your target audience's background, not just the benefits of your products or services. It's about using language and imagery they can understand and value.

Limiting Impressions via Frequency Caps

Next, focus on limiting impressions via frequency caps as a useful conversion tactic. It's vital to not waste ad dollars for any campaign, and such is true for impressions that are served on an advertiser's display campaign.

Frequency caps can be set at a daily basis; however, advertisers must also consider the user's recency to the website. A user who hasn't visited your website in over 30 days is most likely not as valuable or as interested as a user who visited your website in the last two days.

When setting a frequency cap, be sure to also consider the average time it usually takes users to convert. For example, completing a lead form versus making an online purchase have significantly different conversion times.

Audience Segmentation

Another strategy worth implementing is audience segmentation. Not all users that have visited your website should fall in the same remarketing category. For example, if a user visits only your homepage, it may be best to retarget this user less heavily than a user that placed an item in their shopping cart but did not convert.

The latter user has invested more into your brand, meaning he or she could be at a higher chance to convert. Besides, this user was very close to converting.

There are a variety of ways to gain better insight into a website's audience to create segments. This includes placement of a variety of pixels as well as using Google Analytics, etc.

Leveraging CRM Data

One more remarketing tactic you could benefit from is leveraging CRM data. Although users that are part of an advertiser's CRM list may have already purchased a product, the data can help retarget these users in multiple ways.

For instance, you can use it to further upsell, introduce new products or services, or any other action to continue customer loyalty and build brand awareness. However, keep in mind this audience may require separate creative input and messaging compared to those who have not yet converted.

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