Tight-Knit Ecommerce Groups For Sellers

By Tinuiti Team

If you’re an online retailer looking to get more involved in an ecommerce group or in the ecommerce community, here are some of the best people and organizations behind it.

Don’t see your ecommerce group? Add it in the comments below and we’ll update this article to include it.

1. John Lawson

John owns the ecommerce apparel store 3rd Power Outlet. John is also very active on Twitter. John is a guy who made a community from the ground up and now speaks at ecommerce and business conferences around the world. You can check out his media company, ColderICE Media, here.

Ecommerce Group Owner Of: The Ecommerce Group which has more than 1,900 members.

John also host of the ICE Retailer Conference in Atlanta (coming up soon in September!) and was also nominated as a Small Biz Influencer.

2. Marsha Collier

Author of numerous books, including Ebay for Dummies and the latest being Social Media Commerce for Dummies, is very active in the ecommerce industry. She has one of the most active business twitter feeds online which you can view here. You can check out her website at

3. IMA Merchant Group

This group has around 265 members which make it one of the most close-knit groups for retailers online. They have ecommerce conference sessions each year at the ASD Conference where members can get together, learn and network.

Key Members: Kirk Holbert, owner of Cosmic King Toys LLC &, and Brenda Sanford, owner of

4. Working Ebay – Tips & News Conversation

Key Members: Joe Savage and Eric Hagedorn

5. Stop Sales Tax Fees NOW

This online sales tax group is run and created by resident expert Keith Yockey.

6. Oppose Internet Sales Taxes

Susan Lindsey runs this group that has a similar aim.

7. Kansas Jubilee – eBay To eCommerce Conference

This conference in October, lead by Joyce Banbury, is all about eBay.

Don’t see your ecommerce group? Add it in the comments below and we’ll update this article to include it.

8. ThatKat

ThatKat is a group dedicated to sharing and discussing information about eCommerce and technology.

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