2013 Google News & Updates

Google updates roughly 500 times a year, and  launches as well as updates countless programs in that same time span. With that in mind, here are some of the top Google news and events  for this month (October 2013).

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October 2013 Google News, Ecommerce News Recap

Google News & Updates


Google Encrypts All HTTPS Search/ Keywords (Not Provided) in Analytics (10/3): In an self proclaimed effort to protect user privacy, Google is steadily increasing search encryption for online searches. Which translates to an increasing lack of keyword information or (Not Provided) keywords in Google Analytics for SEOs and online merchants for organic search.

Google Shopping Product Listing Ads Local Availability Added (10/7): Google added local availability and local storefront features to PLAs, giving online shoppers more information on stores, and giving them access to a local storefront with product information.

Google Hummingbird (10/7): Google’s most recent search algorithm update features an expansion of the Google search knowledge graphs.

Google Plus Reviews For Product Listing Ads (10/11): Google announced today that starting November 11th, Google will be actively accessing Google+ information to add to Product Listing Ads.

Google Q3 2013 Profits Reported (10/18): Google reported $14 billion in revenue for Q3 2013, and a net income of $2.97 billion. Far surpassing market growth projections with a 12% increase YOY.’

Google Shopping Campaigns (10/22): Shopping campaigns are a new way for online merchants to break out their Google Shopping campaigns which allow merchants to do more within AdWords.

Google Maps with Google Offers (10/24): Google updated Google maps for business owners to include special offers.

Amazon News & Updates

Amazon Payment System (10/9): Amazon announced a login and pay service for online businesses . “Login and Pay with Amazon”, which will work using existing Amazon accounts.

Ecommerce News & Updates

Ads On Yelp (10/7): Yelp announced it will be offering a cost per click (CPC) bundle program for online merchants as part of its enhanced profile.

Shopping Channel Holiday Rate Cards (10/17): Several of the major Comparison Shopping Engines increased their rate card (cost per click/ CPC) rate moving into the Q4 holiday.

Helpful Ecommerce Infographics
5 Tips To Improve Workplace Productivity (10/12)

What else happened in October that ecommerce merchants should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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