Leverage Hot Deals Before Black Friday

By Tinuiti Team

“I have had merchants increase revenue by 10% in a matter of weeks just from getting all the promotions listed on their site listed with PriceGrabber.” – Patrick C, PriceGrabber Account Manager.

Retailers like Sears, Amazon, Target, and Toys ‘R Us are discounting sale items before Thanksgiving, hoping to attract consumers 0n the search for deals before the Holiday rush.

A number of CSE’s will add coupons to your product listings free of charge, such as




We’ve been working with out clients to get coupons on their comparison shopping campaigns, and the results will be exciting to see. So far I’ve seen revenue go up by more than 100% and conversions increase by close to 1% over the past 2 months for one of my clients with the addition of a coupon on NexTag.

Reap the sales benefits and add coupons this Holiday season. For more information on coupons, check out chapter 9 in our free CSE book.


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