Top Email Marketing Services: Vertical Response Email Marketing Service Review

By Tinuiti Team

Choosing an email marketing service is difficult, below is a review of Vertical Response to help you make informed decisions about email marketing services.

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Vertical Response At First Glance

With it’s robust feature set, Vertical Response can overwhelm a first time user. However, Vertical Response integrates seamlessly with social media and CRM software to provide a comprehensive email marketing platform. In addition, Vertical Response now offers a free trial to test their email marketing service before committing to paid options.

Who’s Best Suited for Vertical Response?

Vertical Response is best suited for email marketers who do not email subscribers on a consistent basis. Vertical Response’s classic pricing allows occasional email marketers to stay in touch without wasted spend on email marketing.

Note: We recommend consistent email marketing as a best practice to maximize your returns. The key to successful email marketing is staying in contact with your prospects and clients on a regular basis.

Vertical Response Pricing

Unlike most email marketing services, Vertical Response offers two separate pricing structures.

Pay As You Go

The first pricing structure- pay as you go, is ideal for email marketers who occasionally send content to subscribers. Pricing can range from as low as $.75 cent per email up to 500,000 emails to $1.50 per email up to 1,000 emails.

Pay as you go pricing is very rare in email marketing.

Standard Monthly Fee

Similar to AWeber, Vertical Response’s second pricing structure is a standard monthly fee.

Unlike Vertical Response’s pay as you go, the monthly subscription also allows retailers to send an unlimited number of emails to subscribers. For more information on pricing, including a free trial, visit Vertical Response’s pricing page.

Note: If you are looking to integrate social media, each Vertical Response pricing plan limits the number of social media accounts that can be connected.

Vertical Response Features & Usability

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Notable Vertical Response Users


Vertical Response Review: Bottom Line

With flexible pricing and capable features, Vertical Response can adapt to a variety of email marketing efforts. Vertical Response’s unique pay as you go plan enables the occasional email marketer to build their list, and keep in contact with their subscribers at an affordable rate. Simultaneously, Vertical Response also includes a strong feature set for regular email marketers to scale out campaigns and maintain regular communication with clients.

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