25% of online shoppers plan to spend $500-$999 this holiday shopping season. 

Check out the results of their Winter Holiday Shopping Survey in the infographic below for an insight on what online shoppers are looking for this year:

What Do Online Holiday Shoppers Want?

Exceptional customer service: 70%

70% of polled online shoppers expect good customer service, and 69% of return customers note that customer service is the reason they are loyal to a store.

What you can do:

  • Reach out to customers via social.
  • Include relevant promotion and shipping information on your checkout page.
  • Feature a FAQ section .
  • Consider a live chat.

Free Shipping: 69%

62% of shoppers expect retailers to offer free shipping.

What you can do:

  • Ensure your fulfillment is ready to handle the influx of orders, and that orders will arrive on time.
  • Feature website call outs which count down the days to the holiday: “Buy before 12/20 to arrive on Christmas!”
  • Make sure  your shipping setting for your webiste are accurate and appear during checkout.
  • Feature estimated shipping dates for products. This will assure consumers that their gifts will arrive before the Holiday.
  • Clearly outline return policies, gurantees and related information on your site. Shoppers are more likely to purchase something if they know it is easy (and free) to return.

Clothing: 64%

Almost half of online shoppers plan on gifting gift cards this holiday season, with an additional 64% who plan on purchasing clothing items.


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