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Tinuiti Email Holiday Lookbook 2019

By Tinuiti Team

The year’s biggest shopping holidays are just around the corner, which means many consumers are already browsing and comparison shopping from their favorite brands.

With over $24 billion dollars spent over Cyber Week alone last year, there’s plenty of opportunities for brands to capitalize on consumer excitement with compelling holiday email campaigns.

Consumers’ inboxes are flooded during the holidays, which is why it’s essential to deliver a compelling message with eye-catching creative to draw your subscribers in to make your products the perfect gift idea.

“Competition is intense this time of year, so your holiday creative and messaging needs to grab your subscribers’ attention and compel them to action.”

-Mandi Moshay, Associate Director, CRM & Email at Tinuiti

Email Capture Overlays

The increased traffic and interest in your catalog during the holidays is a great time to generate more subscribers and optimize your email capture rates.

If you were thinking of using the same evergreen email capture that stays on your site all year, then think again.

Refreshing your overlays with festive creative and a sales incentive is effective for turning browsers into subscribers and moving them further into your funnel.

holiday email overlay

“GIR provided gorgeous holiday lifestyle assets featuring their kitchen tools in use, and they had enough breathing room for the overlay copy to sit beautifully within the composition. GIR’s bold, red typography paired with the photography perfectly, helping to draw the eye to the offer against the muted grays and greens.”

cheryl ambrosio

-Cheryl Ambrosio, Graphic Designer at Tinuiti

VIP Early Access Designs

The holidays are a perfect time to reward your most loyal (and lucrative) shoppers with something special.

This is your time to show them some love, so you want to make sure your VIP campaigns are compelling to make them want to come back for more.

bryan anthonys holiday email promo

“Instead of overwhelming email subscribers with a multitude of gifting options, Tinuiti recommended this bold, promo-focused approach to Bryan Anthonys’ Black Friday VIP Sale. The approach was successful in getting users straight to site to shop and check out. When running your deepest discounts of the year, try to avoid too many click options in emails in favor of letting the sale do the talking.”

emily collins tinuiti

-Emily Collins, Strategist, CRM and Email at Tinuiti

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping holidays of the year.

Your subscribers will be shopping for leading up to and on these holidays, which means you could be one email away from capturing their attention and closing the sale.

Expect your promotions to be overlapped with those of your competition, so your Black Friday & Cyber Monday emails need to be on point both visually and promotional-wise.

moon magic black friday email

“Tinuiti recommended a strategy of simplicity for Moon Magic’s Black Friday sale to ensure the offer would be straightforward and easy to digest during this chaotic time in subscribers’ inboxes. Prime examples of simplicity can be seen in the obvious ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ promo code and the ultra-clear ‘Enter The Sale’ call to action. We shifted quickly from Thanksgiving to Christmas with this twinkle and-shine Black Friday send to capture the magic of the holidays.”

jackie rivera

-Jacqueline Rivera, Senior Specialist, CRM & Email at Tinuiti

Want to see more holiday email examples and strategies?

The most exciting shopping holidays of the year are the best time to accelerate your customer relationships with email, so optimizing and testing your email creative is crucial.

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