Feel Good Friday (4/24/20)

By Tinuiti Team

The weekend is almost here and we’re turning up the positive vibes! Check out these brands that are doing their part to address some of the struggles taking place because of the coronavirus. 


Paying It Forward—Literally: Venmo


People all around the country are finding unsolicited cash gifts in their Venmo accounts. While some lucky few may have received a payment from celebrities like Taylor Swift, many come from a more intriguing source: Venmo itself. 

With #VenmoItForward, the ultra-popular mobile payment service, is sending money to random people who have used their app for charitable deeds. Not everyone has millions of dollars to donate, but people with not a lot of money are still sending support where they can. Some of the #VenmoItForward recipients were chosen simply because they used the app to send cash to nurses for coffee or wine as a thank you for their sacrifice. In these grandiose times, it’s awesome to see that even the little things can make a great impact. 


Helping the Helpless: ModCloth


We all understand that these ‘stay-at-home’ orders are meant to keep us safe from the coronavirus, but not everyone can feel safe at home. ModCloth has recognized the unfortunate reality of domestic abuse in our country and is teaming up with the National Domestic Violence Hotline

This fabulous Women’s Clothing retailer is donating 10% of all site proceeds to the Hotline for COVID-19 relief efforts and will continue to raise awareness for this underlying issue. Please read up on this great interview they did with the Hotline and how you can help. Plus, shop their site this weekend, where you will find 30% OFF!


Organizing the Chaos: Salesforce


There’s no denying that COVID-19 is overwhelming the healthcare system, but the nation’s top Customer Relationship Management software company is showing up to alleviate the strain put on healthcare providers. In March, Salesforce donated $1 million to UCSF’s COVID-19 Response Fund and $500K to the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund, but they clearly saw another way they could help.

Salesforce is offering free access to their technology, Health Cloud, for emergency response teams, care management teams and health systems responding to the coronavirus pandemic. This will include a pre-configured cloud with encryption, audit trails, monitoring, resource center and learning platform. The organization and sharing of medical information is critical now more than ever and Salesforce is helping to maximize our country’s efficiency so we can conquer the coronavirus.


Sharing Advice: Lear’s Safe Work Playbook 


Sharing is caring, everyone! Many industries and markets are in different stages of this pandemic and no single company has all of the answers. However, the Lear Corporation is taking the lead and sharing their ‘re-opening’ strategy with the world. This Fortune 500 manufacturer of vehicle components published a new Safe Work Playbook that offers updated guidelines in the social distancing climate, giving other businesses the safe practices and protective measures necessary to reopen their factories. 

We hope that companies of all varieties will begin to share their ideas and that all of you continue to share these feel-good stories every week! 


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