Solving Mobile’s Biggest Challenge with Push!

By Tinuiti Team

As any mobile marketer can attest, the mobile audience has one of the shortest, yet most valuable, attention spans around. With app analytics platform Localytics reporting that 20% of all apps are used only once, marketers must find better ways to retain their audiences if they hope to cash in on their acquisition efforts. A refocus on retention may be just what the doctor ordered for many apps too. Maximizing the mileage of your current audience is more cost efficient than replacing it. So what can marketers do to prevent building an audience of one-hit wonders? Use the power of Push! Push Notifications allow an app to send users a message or alert even when the person is not actively using the app. These notifications can be used to communicate a new deal, describe featured content, or encourage a given action. When leveraged strategically, push notifications are extremely effective in improving user retention and engagement, providing greater value to your acquisition efforts. How can push notifications be used effectively? Thoughtful user bucketing is key here. Getting granular with targeting will ensure you hit the right audience with the right message to yield your desired action. Never take a one-size-fits-all approach to messaging. For example, by targeting users that have installed the app but have not opened it for X days, you can combat dormancy. Targeting users that have installed the app but never converted with an in-app purchase may benefit from a coupon to push them over the edge. Any other quick tips?

Maintain consistency in tone and voice.

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