What is Twitch Affiliate?

By Tinuiti Team

Unlike other social media platforms, the Twitch Affiliate program allows qualified streamers to monetize their channels as they build out a loyal following. As a Twitch Affiliate, you can earn on Twitch with subscriptions, Bits, and even game sales. 

Additionally, the Twitch Affiliate program is meant to help give streamers a boost on their journey to becoming a Twitch Partner – if they decide to go in that direction. In order to understand how Twitch’s affiliate program could make a difference in your business or marketing strategy, let’s take a look at some of the details. 

Twitch Affiliate Requirements 

In order to become a Twitch Affiliate, there are some baseline criteria that must be met. Note that the criteria may change depending on the most recent status of Twitch’s Affiliate program. Below, find the most recent requirements for becoming a Twitch Affiliate. 

These requirements must be met within a 30-day period, in order to qualify for the program. Once qualified, you will receive the news in a few different places – email, notifications, and an announcement bar – so be sure to continually check the status of your account. 

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate 

While working to complete the requirements above, streamers can check their affiliate status and progress towards their goals by navigating to the Achievements page in their Creator Dashboard. 

In this Dashboard, Twitch reports streamers’ progress towards their Affiliate goals. Once the channel satisfies the eligibility requirements for becoming a Twitch Affiliate, you’ll be able to join from that same Creator Dashboard. 

After completing the Twitch Affiliate requirements, streamers will need to complete the Affiliate Onboarding Guide, which consists of registering for payout, agreeing to the Affiliate contract, submitting tax information, and choosing their preferred payment method. 

Examples of Twitch Affiliates 

Twitch Affiliates are able to earn extra cash for their account by offering a few of the following options: Subscriptions, Bits, and Ads. The payout for each depends on many different factors, like advertiser demand or channel viewers. 


Affiliates will earn on Twitch whenever they accept subscriptions from their audience. All subscription options are available: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and a Prime free subscription. 


Bits are a virtual currency that subscribers can send to Twitch Affiliates. As subscribers cheer on the streamer with paid animated gems or Cheermotes, Twitch Affiliates will receive a share of the Bits’ payout. 


On Twitch, Affiliates can earn revenue from selling games or in-game items. If streamers play games on-stream – or showcase in-game items for sale – that are available on Twitch, subscribers can purchase directly from their channel. Affiliates will earn 5% of the share of the purchases that arise from their channel pages. 

How Many Emotes Can a Twitch Affiliate Have?

As a Twitch Affiliate, you’re given a certain amount of Emotes. On Twitch, Emotes are generally created by the streamer, and community members can use their Emote to communicate or react to events in the live-stream.  

Most Twitch Affiliates start with one custom Emote. Unlocking more Emotes depends on the number of subscriber points a given channel earns. Twitch calculates this by taking into consideration 1) the number of subscribers and 2) which tier each subscriber has signed up for. Affiliates are able to get up to five Twitch emotes, and you can check here to see how many Emotes would be available to subscribers here

Finally, Emotes aren’t gated, meaning once you earn those slots, you can keep them. If you receive unsubscribes that cause you to fall under a certain tier, you’ll still keep the Emote slots. 

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