Elite SEM’s Atlanta team recently paid a visit to the office of Pinnacle Promotions, our newest client.   The goal of the meeting was to get to know the company, it’s people, and processes.    During this ‘discovery meeting’ we gained a better understanding of how our client works and the promotional products industry as a whole.   With an advanced knowledge of our client’s business, we are put in a better position to work on their campaign and efficiently optimize the results from our efforts.

To kick-start the meeting, we met with the Company’s co-founders, Mitch and Dave Weintraub, who educated us on the company’s foundation, values and extensive history.   Spending this time with the owners and employees gave us the opportunity to appreciate and experience the fun corporate culture that these two brothers have created for their company.   Getting into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of their operation is essential to developing and executing on the best SEM campaign as we can push the company’s message and culture throughout our campaign strategy.

We also learned about how Pinnacle Promotions uses Salesforce, its sales management platform, as a key component of the organization and its ordering process.   Pinnacle Promotions uses Salesforce to distribute and manage each new lead.   To increase efficiency, the Pinnacle sales department is setup into teams.  Each team is assigned specific clients and the teams are the core communication channel between the clients, Pinnacle art department and the product suppliers.   This group atmosphere allows for a more personal customer experience and a faster order process.   The company’s in-house art department is unique to Pinnacle and allows for orders to be processed more seamlessly and efficiently.   Understanding their lead process provided us with a better picture of how tasks are distributed and orders are managed – we got to see how our efforts are funneled throughout the organization.

In addition to learning about Pinnacle Promotions and their people, this discovery meeting enabled them with a chance to get to know their team at Elite SEM better as well.   Working at this personal level unifies our efforts and creates a common mission between both companies.  Elite SEM believes that forming and maintaining these agency-client relationships are essential to our success.

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