Elite SEM Accelerates Growth with New Partner

By Tinuiti Team

I founded Elite SEM in 2004, with the dream of creating an agency that focused on its people, where the team looked forward to coming to work each day. Thirteen years later, I’m proud to say my dream has become a reality. Elite has been recognized as one of the best places to work in the country, was named one of the top digital agencies in North America, and most importantly we have an amazing group of people who I love working with every single day.

Elite has experienced uninterrupted growth since its launch, in team size, client portfolio, and expertise. Founded on search marketing, we now help clients with Paid Search, SEO, Shopping, Display, Paid Social, CRO, and Analytics services.
I’m excited to share with you – our clients, partners, and friends – that this growth will continue exponentially over the next few years.

Announced today, Elite is taking on an investment partner to accelerate our growth and help us better serve our clients’ needs. The partner we have carefully selected is Mountaingate Capital.

Mountaingate Capital is a Denver-based private equity investment firm that uses a buy-and-build value creation strategy to advance middle market companies. The Managing Directors of Mountaingate Capital have extensive experience investing in lower middle market companies, specifically digital agencies, as a result of their collective experience working together at Mountaingate and at the predecessor firm to Mountaingate, KRG Capital Partners.

Our new partner will enable us to accelerate our growth through potential acquisitions, will help us build a board of directors with a diverse set of experiences across the digital media landscape, and will create new opportunities to expand our client base and network.

I will remain CEO, and the largest individual shareholder, and every member of Elite SEM is staying on board.

How does this affect you, our clients and partners?

Day-to-day operations will remain the same. Our new partnership with Mountaingate will drive further growth, even greater service and performance, and new expertise and opportunities to help our clients.

We are very proud of this achievement to have grown to this size while maintaining our core purpose and values. We are also very excited as everyone was a part of this achievement, showing that Elite will continue to be the same great place – if not better!

We are grateful to you, our clients and partners, who have supported us this far and we’re very excited for the future as Elite grows and continues to provide amazing service and results.

This is an exciting time for Elite! I look forward to seeing the new opportunities this chapter brings and continuing to help Elite grow, prosper, and promote Great Lives for Great People.

Welcome to Elite SEM 2.0!

-Ben Kirshner
CEO | Elite SEM

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