Responsive Web Design: The Answer of Today and Tomorrow

By Tinuiti Team

Similar to many holiday shoppers and technology consumers buying this year’s latest gadget, business owners looking to invest or re-invest in a new website have in the past bought a product that would eventually become obsolete the next year.

This is of course due to the recent emergence of the mobile market, where new “post-pc” devices including smartphones and tablets of all sizes have created a brand new viewing experience for how users interact with the web. Instead of clicking with a mouse, we are seeing and doing more pushing, pinching, tapping, swiping and even speaking to our mobile devices when we’re on the web.

For a few years, the addition of mobile websites have been suitable to prevent a smartphone user from needing to squint and navigate tediously through a desktop-sized website which was made microscopic to fit itself inside your handheld device’s screen. This strategy may have worked until full-sized tablets like the 10” iPad or mid-sized tablets like the 7” Kindle Fire changed the game once again!

So how have Web Designers and Developers overcome the many obstacles involving these new devices available now? How will they design websites for the devices and screen sizes of not only today, but for the future as well?

The answer is Responsive Web Design.

Web Designers and Developers worldwide have listened to the needs of smartphone and tablet users, and understand they want to have the best possible experience for the specific device they are viewing a website on. So how does Responsive Web Design fulfill consumer needs and benefit the website investor?

Websites featuring Responsive Design are able to conform to any device, screen size and resolution, while providing a unique experience optimized for the laptop/desktop, tablet or smartphone user. Let me remind you that these different versions all spawn from one website! Google has recently named this a “Best Web Practice” so search engines only need to crawl one site, and not multiple “spin-offs” of it. Why else is this new design technique so great? I enjoy telling a business owner who is considering refreshing their website that they can rest assured knowing their website is the closest thing to being future proofed for the foreseeable future.

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