So, What Happened at Denver?

By Tinuiti Team

Our team of paid search experts ventured out to Denver, Colorado for this September 10-12. Marc, Abby, Zach, Pat, Jenn, Adrienne, and Jesse arrived safe and sound to set up camp at the Colorado Convention Center, Booth 444. brings together a vast amount of professionals and industry leaders from varies industries to connect on the subject of online retailing and marketing. These types of conventions are the best place to really see and understand the trends in today’s booming internet business, whether you’re a small startup or large conglomerate. Attendees are able to exchange ideas, converse, and discover the “next big thing.”

Our VP, Zach Morrison, was also featured on Retail Touch Points TV (a podcast dedicated to C-Level Retailers) on what he sees is the ongoing, developing, and emerging trends at During his interview, Zach also presents some solutions online retailers should take into consideration to make the most out of their marketing investments.

Aside from just observing the latest trends, those two vigorous days allowed us to catch up with our clients who were able to make it. We must say, the experience was well worth the trip! Thousands of people attend each year, always bringing something new to the table. This year, our team was able to generate some successful leads! We were grateful to have met such interesting people and to have been able to immerse ourselves amongst insightful and thought-provoking conversations.

See you at 2013!

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