Americans' Sporting Tastes Are Becoming More Eclectic

By Tinuiti Team

While the NFL had a very good TV season last year, other top-tier spots like NBA basketball and Major League Baseball have struggled to recapture their pre-pandemic volume of eyeballs. Some second- and (arguably) third-tier sports, by contrast, have seen very positive momentum in the last couple of years, which was evident in the past weeks:

The data points above are illustrative of an evolution in Americans’ sporting tastes: whereas once it was pretty much just football, basketball, and baseball that merited significant interest and meaningful TV audiences, F1 races beginning to rival Sunday Night Baseball for audience numbers suggests a growing eclecticism of interests. And whichever direction the causation runs, technological changes reinforce the shift from breadth of appeal to depth of fandom, which will continue to create space in our media landscape for auto racing, soccer, mixed martial arts, cricket, etc.  |  SMW  


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