TikTok Sizes up the CTV Opportunity

By Tinuiti Team

We told you back in March about TikTok increasing the maximum allowable length of videos on its platform, and how this brought it into more direct competition with other major video platforms:

it will bring TikTok into more direct competition with YouTube. The pattern that’s emerging is major video platforms meeting in the middle: while TikTok is pushing into longer form content, Instagram and YouTube are hurriedly pushing into short form with Reels and Shorts, respectively.
It should thus come as no surprise that TikTok has set its sights on winning a share of the $70 billion U.S. TV ad market, largely following a playbook pioneered by YouTube for the same purpose. TikTok starts with a huge advantage in terms of awareness and user interest (being the most visited site in the world certainly helps), but to make a significant push into CTV it will need to solve several problems:

It would be foolhardy to dismiss TikTok’s CTV ambitions given the sheer speed and force with which it’s won users’ hearts and minds and asserted itself as a credible competitor to the largest tech platforms in the world. But given the major gaps in its CTV portfolio, it seems highly unlikely to be competing with Netflix and Disney+ for big CTV budgets at the end of this year. | Insider
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