Innovating Your Google Shopping Strategy for Q4

Google Shopping consistently proves itself as a top-performing advertising channel for retailers during the busy Holiday shopping season. The program is anticipating more advertisers and more spend this year than ever before.

This presents a problem: With more competition, how can you take a more aggressive approach while maintaining – if not improving – profitability?

This thorough, practical course will walk through the most pertinent Shopping strategies that sophisticated retail Marketing Managers should test for the high-traffic season.

On Wednesday, Aug. 12 at 11am (PST), CEO of CPC Strategy Rick Backus and Senior Retail Search Manager Jason Bell will present an hour long webinar course on how retailers can test and evaluate their Google Shopping Strategy in preparation for Q4.


Implementations to Test for the Holiday Season

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Using Multiple Campaigns for a More Aggressive Approach
  • Isolating Mobile Traffic
  • Improving Geo-targeting Control
  • Improving Ad Scheduling Control
  • RLSAs for Shopping
  • Competitive Monitoring with Auction Insights
  • Negative Keyword Sculpting
  • Testing with Search Query Optimization
  • Live Q&A


Innovating Your Google Shopping Strategy for Q4



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