Do These 3 Things for Immediate ROI with Your Instagram Ads

By Tinuiti Team

Are you advertising on Instagram, but experiencing lackluster results? Maybe you need to make a few tweaks to your strategy. Paid social can prove extremely lucrative in terms of ROI, but only if you know how to segment your audiences effectively, install relevant Pixels, and remarket to engaged prospects. Here are three things you can do to immediately increase the ROI on your Instagram ads.

Install Pixels

If you’re already using Facebook Pixels, you’re familiar with this strategy. A Pixel is a piece of code thatyou install in the header code on your website. The Pixel tracks a specific metric based on the type of Pixel you choose. When you start running Instagram ads, Pixels are the go-to solution for measuring important KPIs.

The three best Pixels for tracking ROI on your Instagram ads are the following:

  1. Purchase Pixel with revenue tracking: You can use the Purchase Pixel to better understand how Facebook attributes revenue from a given campaign. You can install a purchase pixel on the sales page for a particular product or on the thank-you page that customers reach after they complete a transaction.
  2. Add-to-cart Pixel: Just because a potential customer ads an item to his or her virtual shopping cart doesn’t mean that you’ve made a sale. Use the Add-to-Cart Pixel so you can retarget to customers who almost purchased a product, but abandoned their shopping carts at the last minute.
  3. Page View Pixel: This is one of the most basic Pixels. It tracks the number of people who visit your website or a specific page within your website, such as a landing page.

These Pixels for Instagram ads can help you drive immediate ROI by providing high-level data about your campaign. They’ll let you know how many people purchased products, which customers stopped short of a purchase, and the amount of traffic you’re funneling to your website from Instagram ads.

Best of all, they allow you to move from a top-of-the-funnel, lead-generation focus to a full-funnel focus. You’ll start to nurture leads toward your ultimate endgame: Revenue.

Create Custom Audiences

You can also create and save custom audiences on Instagram just like you would with Facebook Ads.

  1. Purchase: Segment your audience based on customers who have already made a purchase.
  2. Page View: Target website visitors who might have hit a landing page or sales page.
  3. Add to Cart: Create a custom audience for customers who have added products to their shopping carts, but not made purchases.
  4. CRM: Use data from your CRM tool to help you refine custom audiences.

You can access the “Audiences” dashboard in Facebook Ads Manager. Build your custom audiences based on your unique goals for your Instagram ad campaign. After you’ve built them, give them a chance to populate. If you’ve only just installed the Pixel on your website, you have to wait to start seeing results and enhanced ROI.

Set Up a Remarketing Campaign

Now that you’ve populated your custom audiences via the Facebook Ads Manager, it’s time to build out your remarketing campaign. Your build should be customized for your specific campaign, but it should look similar to this, with your ads in every ad set or audience:

Several factors can influence immediate ROI. For instance, your decisions about bidding, budgeting, exclusionary audiences, optimizations, landing pages, and the ads themselves can have an impact on your ultimate results. However, once you establish a proper remarketing campaign, use trial and error to build your campaign from there. Never stop testing, even if you see dramatic increases in your Instagram ads’ ROI.

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