Proactive Strategies to Leverage Facebook:

To drive retail conversions on Facebook, retailers must understand how to leverage the social media platform’s vast and growing capabilities around audience targeting.

Mastering the fundamentals of Facebook advertising is essential to reach your target audience and improve the ROI of what was once considered just a branding channel.

From mobile advertising to retargeting, we’ll discuss the strategies every retail advertiser needs to know in our upcoming course on Wednesday, April 29 at 11am PST to maximize their revenue generation on the social media platform.

In this 60-minute course, we’ll dive into how retailers can approach Facebook as a true direct-response, revenue-driving channel.

Facebook as a Direct-Response Advertising Channel Course Overview



Topics Discussed Include:

  • Ad Placement Analysis: In-Feed vs. Sidebar Positioning
  • The Strategy Behind Running Mobile and Desktop Ads
  • How to Dissect Facebook Ad Tracking
  • Implementing Retargeting and Custom Audiences
  • Useful Tools for Facebook Advertisers
  • Preparing for Product Ads
  • Live Q&A


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