Did you know Facebook made several adjustments to their advertising platform in 2016?

Many retailers didn’t – therefore causing them to miss out on potential targeting capabilities, ad types, reporting & re-marketing capabilities.

We understand it’s difficult to keep up with all the new iterations which is why we’re bringing in 3 members of CPC Strategy’s Facebook Advertising Team to dive into the most prominent Facebook ad features that you need to be using for 2017.

On Thursday, December 15th, at 11am (PST) CPC Strategy’s Social Experts Sarah Rogers, Ryan Bates, and Casey Edwards will host an advertising course on the most powerful Facebook advertising strategies and features of 2016.

Event Layout:

  • Audience Targeting Capabilities You Need to Know
  • Ad Types You’ll Want to Allocate Budget Towards
  • Facebook Reporting That’s Finally Shown Up to Play



Facebook Advertising Strategies & Features of 2016





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