How to Boost Your Facebook Relevance Score

By Tinuiti Team

The Facebook relevance score is an important indicator of how well your ads fit your target audience when compared to your competitors.

Much like Google Ads’ Quality Score, having a higher relevance score can lower your costs per click for displaying an ad to your target audience.

Here’s a look at how Facebook’s relevance score works and some strategies you can use to improve it.

“We analyzed over 104,000 ads and the data was clear; the higher the Relevance Score is, the lower the Cost Per Click (CPC) is and the better the Click Through Rate (CTR).”

paul fairbrother adespresso

-Paul Fairbrother, Facebook Ads Specialist at AdEspresso


What Is Facebook Relevance Score?

The relevance score is Facebook’s metric that indicates how well an advertiser’s Facebook ads are resonating with their target audience on a scale of 1 to 10.

This score is also important because it can impact the costs to display an ad to a user.

According to Facebook, “it uses a 1-10 scale in which 1 means your ad is much less relevant than other ads targeting the same audience, and 10 means your ad is much more relevant.”


How Is The Facebook Relevance Score Calculated?

The algorithm for determining your Facebook relevance score is based on engagements with your ads.

Much like click-through rates affecting your Google Ads Quality Score, Facebook weighs engagements (and lack thereof) with your ads to gauge your ad relevance.

Positive engagements: clicks, app installs, and video views.

Negative engagements: when a user clicks “I don’t want to see this ad” for any reason.

Facebook’s support page states, “we aggregate the factors and convert them into the 1-10 scale to give you a general idea of your ad’s relative relevance.”

Does this influence Facebook’s ad auction?

No. According to Facebook, the 1-10 score is not part of the calculation used to decide whether an ad displays to a user.

Raising your score does not directly impact performance, but it can impact the costs associated with displaying your ad.


Why Is The Relevance Score Important?

The relevance score of your ads are important because it can




The core objective of Facebook’s algorithm is only to display content that matters to people, and nothing else.

Facebook places careful consideration into replacing organic content with sponsored content, and only wants to do so when it’s proven to be relevant sponsored content.

If your ads have a lower relevance score, then they will become more expensive to display to your target audience.

Although Facebook’s support page states that relevance score is “not directly tied to ad performance,” data from AdEspresso shows that ads associated with higher relevance scores generally received more engagement in addition to lower costs per click.

“There was also more engagement on the ads in the form of likes, comments, and shares as the relevance score increased,” says Fairbrother.


What Is A Good Relevance Score?

Any score between 7-10 indicates an above-average relevance score on a 1-10 scale.

The higher your relevance score, the higher percentile your ads are in relevance when compared to other ads targeting the same audience.


How To View Facebook Relevance Score

Once your ad receives 500 impressions, you will be able to view its relevance score.

How to view your Facebook relevance score:

  1. Open Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Select a campaign.
  3. Select an ad group.
  4. Select an ad within the ad group.
  5. Scroll to the right for the column titled “Relevance Score.”


how to view facebook relevance score

If you don’t see you the Relevance score column:

You may need to enable that column by selecting the Columns drop down and then select Customize Columns and then check Relevance score.


3 Ways To Improve Your Relevance Score

There is no official blueprint on how to improve your relevance score.

We do know, however, that this score indicates how well your ads are resonating with your audience.

“It’s not an indication of the absolute quality of your advert. Instead, it’s about how engaging your audience find it,” says Fairbrother.

“You could have hired Steven Spielberg to create the world’s best dog food advert but if you show it to an audience of cat owners who only buy cat food, it will have a low relevance score.”

1. Refine Your Targeting

One of the quickest ways to ensure your ads are relevant is to refine your Facebook audience targeting.

If your targeting is too broad, you run the risk of serving your ads to users who are not receptive to your message.

facebook targeting audience definition


2. Know Your Target Audience (Really) Well

It’s one thing to be able to target the right audience; it’s another to craft a message that can speak to them on an intimate level.

“It’s important to always define your buyer persona before running any ads,” says Fairbrother.

oribe cote d azure creme facebook ad

Even if you’ve honed in on suburban single mothers living in San Francisco with tight targeting, your ads will still miss the mark if your messaging doesn’t speak to them.


3. Improve Your Facebook Ad Creative and Copy

While Facebook claims that the relevance score isn’t an indicator of ad quality, we know that it’s based on engagement.

Beautiful creative and copy that connects with your target audience will drive engagement, which can also impact your relevance score.

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