Facebook Canvas Ads Become Instant Experience Ads With New Features

By Tinuiti Team

Facebook just rebranded its signature Canvas ads to Instant Experience, taking the immersive mobile shopping experience to a new level.

More than just product rename, Instant Experiences introduce new features and functionality that marks a big improvement over their Canvas predecessor.

Here’s a quick look at Facebook’s Instant Experience ads and what advantages they bring to your mobile marketing initiatives.

We’re excited for Instant Experiences because mobile shoppers are drawn to experiences that are media-rich, easy to navigate, and optimized for speed.

-Brent Villiott, Social Marketing Manager at CPC Strategy


What Are Facebook’s Instant Experience Ads?

Instant Experiences are a new and improved version of  Facebook’s Canvas ads, which offer an immersive, full-screen mobile experience for a business to showcase its products and tell its brand story in a visually compelling way.

Instant Experiences are:





facebook instant experiences


This new ad product allows advertisers to include:


They are faster than mobile web pages

According to Facebook’s one pager, Instant Experiences can “load 15x faster than web pages on mobile” — a significant advantage when it comes to keeping customers engaged.

There are multiple templates ready to go

Another advantage of Instant Experiences is that they’re easy to make.

Facebook has launched five different templates, each designed for a different marketing objective.

For example, the Instant Storefront template is designed to offer users a catalog-like experience to easily browse products relevant to them.

instant experiences templates

Whereas the Instant Storytelling template is designed to offer users a visual look at your brand offering.

They’re compatible with Pixel tracking

One of the most exciting features of Instant Experiences that Canvas ads lacked is that they are now compatible with Facebook’s tracking Pixel as well as third-party pixels like Google’s.

This means that advertisers can track clicks and performance using Facebook’s native analytic tools or third-party software such as Google Analytics.


facebook pixel
Source: Digital Influence


Collecting detailed data and insights will empower advertisers to optimize their Instant Experience ads and landing pages.

Note: According to Facebook, full functionality for Facebook Ads Manager will release sometime in September.

Brent Villiot sees the new ad format as another example of Facebook improving its mobile shopping experience for both brands and consumers.

With easy to use templates, and load times that are 15x faster than traditional retail sites, Instant Experiences should help brands better connect and engage potential customers on Facebook and Instagram.

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