Lead Ads On Facebook and What They Mean For Retailers

By Tinuiti Team

Lead Ads On Facebook and What Retailers Should Know

Lead generation is one of the most essential components of marketing for ecommerce retailers. Developing lists of prospective customers has proven to be a valuable attribute to just about any marketing strategy.

But even with a plethora of advertising options, amassing contact information is still one of the most difficult undertakings retailers face on a day-to-day basis. That’s where lead ads on Facebook come into play.

Form fill-outs are a tedious and repetitious process for shoppers. So much so, they are often overlooked and easily ignored; which is discouraging, as they can be full of rich information businesses are able to harness to better target audiences.

Lead ads on Facebook were designed to remove some of the monotony and give shoppers a way to quickly and easily provide their information to businesses they may be interested in.

Lead Ad Breakdown

Users often want to sign up for things like newsletters, price estimates,
follow-up calls and other offers businesses may have available.

lead ads on facebookLead ads make it easy for customers to do exactly that by having form fields automatically filled in with information they have already provided to Facebook, such as a name or email address.

The process is uncomplicated and non-invasive, as it can be completed in two clicks: one to open the form and a second to submit.

This method is great for ecommerce retailers, as it allows you to reach audiences with specific offerings while simultaneously pulling information conducive to advertising approaches moving forward.

Lead Ads for Retailers

As a retail brand, revenue is what matters most at the end of the day. Because of this, lead ads aren’t immediately the most appealing or primary ad choice for advertisers setting up a new campaign.

Ad types, such as dynamic ads, that are more product or sales-oriented are typically more in line with a brand’s objectives. But that does not mean they cannot be of value.

With lead ads, retailers have the ability to:

Through the simplicity offered with lead ads on Facebook, there is no need to direct users to an off-site landing page. Everything is processed and completed on Facebook for both mobile and desktop platforms. The ease in which users can submit information makes this data of immense value to retailers.

Additionally, advertisers have the ability to specify what types of information they want to ask for, as certain pieces of data may be more valuable to one businesses over another.

lead ads on facebook

However, it’s not collecting this information that makes it so valuable. It’s how it can be used.

Utilizing the Data

Garnered contact information can be used to create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, ultimately allowing retailers to remarket to current customers, or find and approach new ones that share similarities with people who have filled out your form.

While this approach may not drive immediate results in terms of sales, it increases the likelihood of increased conversions in the future.

Rather than targeting specifically based on interests or behaviors, retailers now have the ability to focus on individuals that have, in one form or another, already engaged with their brand.

But Should You?

When it comes down to it, the real question is whether or not retailers should be using lead ads on Facebook in their advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear-cut answer. Some businesses may find more value in it than others.

“It all comes down to what your goals are.” said Casey Edwards, Social Marketing Manager at CPC Strategy said.casey lead ads on facebook

“With every campaign you plan on running, you need to first ask yourself what your objectives are. If you decide to run a lead ad, your goal probably isn’t revenue. It’s email signups, gathering information, and finding value in various conversion types.”

“So let’s say your CRM list was 5,000, and now, it has jumped up to 10,000. When you are creating future campaigns, you now have a much larger audience to target. And this audience, they are already familiar with your business.”

“They generally make for more qualified customers and are effective in targeting on Facebook because they have already interacted with your brand.”

“The most important thing with lead ads is knowing what your goal is beforehand. Knowing your objectives and what you want to achieve is the most important part.”

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