Announcing Pinterest Buyable Pins for Desktop

By Tinuiti Team

Pinterest Buyable Pins for Desktop

Thanks to the introduction of Pinterest Buyable Pins for Desktop, shoppers can add multiple products as they switch between their phone and computer, and checkout whenever they’re ready.

Pinterest was founded as a platform to share ideas on food, events, clothing, decor and more. As of last year, Pinterest took a big step into the ecommerce circle, introducing Buyable Pins for mobile – allowing their browsers to buy directly from their app.

According to the announcement, businesses on Pinterest have seen more than 84% of sales coming from new customers, increasing overall sales and customer reach, thanks to Buyable Pins.

pinterest buyable pins for desktop

What are Pinterest Buyable Pins for Desktop?

Although social media may not be the first place people go to shop, Pinterest has become a source of customer acquisition.

Pinterest Buyable Pins allows Pinterest users to browse and make a purchase without having to leave the Pinterest app and now – the web as well.

When a customer spots a Pin with a blue price, that indicates the item is buyable. Buyable Pins are located across the platform in the search results, related pins and on specific business profiles.

When a user spots a Pin with a blue price, that is a signal they can buy it directly from the app and now – the site itself. If they are searching for something specific, (including color) they can also filter to hone in on the right pin.

When users are ready to make a purchase, they simply click “Buy it” and pay with Apple Pay or a credit card. Once a user has entered their personal info, Pinterest will store it so they don’t have to punch it in again.

Pinterest Buyable Pins for Desktop: Early Findings

While it may be too early to gather data on Pinterest Buyable Pins for Desktop, we have identified recent trends in Buyable Pins and Promoted Pins including low CPCs, high volume and low conversions.

With that said, Pinterest has made significant advancements to make the platform more scalable for large retailers and we anticipate the areas of paid marketing will continue to grow in 2016.

pinterest buyable pins for desktop

For example, in November 2015, Pinterest introduced a bulk upload tool – another advancement in their efforts to promote buyable pins and encourage retailers to invest in social commerce.

To read more about Pinterest Advertising, check out our recent post here.

According to Pinterest, studies show 84% of people who shop from their phones also shop on their laptops, and another 87% have made a purchase after seeing a product they liked.

A recent study by Oracle Data Cloud revealed when a business uses Promoted Pins, they see 5x more in-store sales compared to the industry average.

pinterest buyable pins for desktopIn addition to Pinterest Buyable Pins for Desktop, the platform also rolled out several other complementary features including:

A new shopping bag – As people switch between their phone and computer, now they can add multiple products from different merchants for whenever they’re ready to check out.

New merchant profiles – Now when customers visit a business profile, it’s easier for them to discover new products that fit their tastes—from what’s new to what’s on sale to what’s popular on Pinterest.

New ways to search – Now people can tap the visual search icon at the top of any Pin and explore the dots to see similar Pins.

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