More than half of people in the US have a social profile (56%), 22% of those people using social sites multiple times a day (nearly 2/3). American’s use social media every day. 58 million people in the US admit they use social media ‘several times a day’.

Ideal Social Posting Lengths For Higher Engagement

Below is an infographic from Buffer, which outlines the ideal parameters for posting on Social Media across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Podcasts, SlideShare and more:



Social Length for Higher Engagment

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Video Length for Higher Engagment

[ws_table id=”135″]

Content Length for Higher Engagment

[ws_table id=”136″]

Social Image Length for Higher Engagment

[ws_table id=”137″]

Social Post Frequency for Higher Engagment

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How is your online store talking to visitors on social?

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