The Creative Facebook Report for Retailers

By Tinuiti Team

Advertising on Facebook presents a unique opportunity because it’s one of the few platforms that can address every stage of the ecommerce conversion funnel—from brand awareness to generating revenue to creating loyal customer relationships.

A vital component of your Facebook marketing strategy is choosing creative for your ads.

From product photos to video, retail brands should test and analyze creative – leveraging tangible metrics to support and help them decide where and how to invest in creative efforts for their Facebook ads.

Unfortunately, all too often we hear that retail brands have a “hunch” on what type of creative performs best.

For example, a retail brand might say: “We know our product images perform better than lifestyle images” – but when we ask them why or how they came to this conclusion, they can’t materialize the data to back it up.

This is just one of the many reasons why proprietary creative reports are absolutely essential, because ultimately your creative marketing decisions will dramatically impact your ad performance.

The Proprietary Creative Facebook Report

facebook audience networkWe spoke with Sarah Rogers, Performance Social Manager at CPC Strategy to discuss how proprietary Facebook creative reports are created and what kind of value they provide to retail brands.

Q. What is a Facebook Creative Report?

A. Essentially the Facebook Creative Report is a deep dive into your advertising data based on a specific time period.

But the key to it is we have really specific naming conventions for the campaigns, the ad set, and the ad so that we’re able to extract each of those different elements.

We analyze how creative is helping the entire account perform so that we can make better recommendations to clients on upcoming creative.

For example, if they have product photoshoots the following month, we can provide data on whether your lifestyle images perform better on Facebook in comparison to your product images. Maybe it turns out your lifestyle images work well organically but don’t translate as well on the ecommerce side.

Or if you’re running a campaign focused on driving brand awareness, this report allows us to see everything that we’ve done to impact your brand awareness, analyzing data (ROI or CPM) month over month or year over year.  We can make it as granular or as broad as the report needs to be. We can also analyze the results of specific campaign test.

Q. How are Facebook Creative Reports Generated?

A. Once a client signs on we conduct a deep dive into every single campaign for every brand, within a certain time period, which can be an extremely time consuming process for a brand to conduct on their own.

Each month we provide data on performance and we also conduct a 3 month look back. We analyze things like what type of images are performing better or if text overlay is having more success than no text overlay. It can get extremely granular.

facebook report

Q. In your opinion, are most retail brands tracking Facebook creative advertising efforts properly?

A. I have not seen any retail brand have the type of deep insight that we’re currently providing. Normally, they are pretty excited when they see this information- mostly because they didn’t know that this data was even available.

We start with their initial campaign,  lay it out and then begin running tests to find out what type of creative is the “best performer” and in general what people are responding to. 

Each report is accompanied by our analysis and takeaway items.

Facebook Creative reports are a great way for us to quickly understand what happened to your business during the last month, 6 months or year and how we can work with your brand to move forward strategically.

To learn more about CPC Strategy’s Customized Facebook Creative Reporting, email [email protected]

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