Typically, the data that marketers seek on consumers is scattered across the Internet. One website might track a user ID associated with a purchase history, another might have an email address on file, and yet another may capture interests. But thus far it’s been extremely difficult trying to bring all of those individual data points together to create a complete profile of a prospective consumer. The solution to this lives in social data.

Social platforms provide a medium for users to tell you who they are based on their own actions. Social Data may show you that Sara is a 24-year-old woman who went to this school, is interested in this music, these TV shows, is interested in these topics, has these political views, and so on. Any of these individual pieces taken alone may be considered insignificant, but taken together they form a more complete picture of who this individual is.

How to Use Social Data

Using the targeting available through the ad building services that social networks provide, you can build profiles that are true to people’s shared interests and connections with social data. Imagine you sell swimsuits. Instead of targeting just gender, you can layer your targeting to hone in on users of a particular age range, layered with people who live in a certain area, who have liked certain pages related to swimsuits and have spent x amount of timing specifically browsing your swimsuits on your site. Who will have the higher conversion rate now?

Soon we’ll be able to pair this online user data with information on brick-and-mortar store visits. For example, a person who clicks a social ad for your site leaves the site and then buys the product in your physical store three days later. This will create the ability to understand more holistically how Social plays a role in the overall purchase funnel, helping brands who are keen to create integrated marketing strategies that support a unified overall objective.

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