What Are TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads?

By Tinuiti Team

TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads, or DSAs, are custom video ads created in real-time and built around an ad template. This ad template is filled with product info from a regularly updated product catalog. 

DSAs are yet another opportunity for users and brands to benefit, as these ads offer seamless discovery and make it easy for users to browse relevant products. It also allows brands to take a whole new advertising approach, boosting their efficacy. 

So what are DSAs, and how do they work? Let’s take a look.

What Are TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads?

TikTok offers many different ad formats for advertisers to utilize. They are allowing these businesses to experience the power of the platform’s influence on purchase-making decisions, as many of these ad formats offer innovative and imaginative ways of targeting the correct audience. 

Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok work very similarly to Dynamic Product Ads, a type of social ad used to promote large product portfolios within apps and social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. 

Advertisers typically use Dynamic Showcase Ads to build brand awareness and drive purchases by promoting relevant products and targeting potential customers, boosting purchase intent. 

The reason why brands are using DSAs is pretty apparent, and there are three main benefits of using this ad format. Let’s go over each of them.

1. Advertising A Large Product Portfolio At Scale

TikTok’s template-based format is incredibly clever. These templates are automatically filled with information from a product catalog, creating an effective solution for advertising expansive and personalized product portfolios at scale. This format eliminates the need to manually create thousands of individual product advertisements, an inefficient and slow way of doing things.

2. Creating Highly Personalized & Relevant Content

Dynamic Showcase Ads are perfect for creating personalized ad experiences; retargeting relevant products to users who display certain behaviors or specific interests. Tapping into user behaviors can boost purchase intent, as the right people will see more suitable ads. In addition, the creative templates and various ad formats blend right into the flow of content created by users, so ads are much more native-feeling and appealing to consumers. 

It’s annoying when you’re browsing online and see an advertisement, and you stop and ask yourself, “Why on earth am I seeing this?” We’ve all been there. None of us like it. This is where Dynamic Showcase Ads swoop in and save the day for brands and consumers. Relevant ads sell. There’s simply no denying it. 

3. Targeting Consumers Across Different Devices

Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok are also utilized to target consumers interested in advertisers’ products across various devices. They are potentially winning back lost website visitors with retargeting. 

In other words, advertisers are capable of targeting interested visitors who initially browsed their website on a desktop and then visited that site again later on a mobile device.

How Do TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads Work?

If you wish to create Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok, you’ll have to do five things:


These ads work by targeting the right customers. They work based firmly on relevancy and automatically promote the most relevant products based on individual visitors’ shopping behaviors and interests.

Connecting TikTok Pixel or your app measurement partner to your Catalog will permit you to display ads to individuals based on how they’ve interacted with your website or app in the past. This is a bonus feature of using DSAs and a catalog, as this could potentially drive sales even further. 

We are truly living in a world today where almost everything is “smart.” Our televisions, cell phones, and even some of our refrigerators do so much more than any of the traditional appliances and electronics. Similarly, new-age advertising formats are ever-changing and evolving to suit advertisers and brands better, helping them reach their goals. 

Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok are a prime example of why the future of advertising is so bright. It’s exciting to see innovative and creative ways to advertise, not only for companies but also for their customers. 

What Are TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads Specs?

Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok are a type of video ad format. Therefore, you will have to follow specific these specs:

Resolution should be 720 x 1280 px, 640 x 640 px, or 1280 x 720 px. MP4, MPEG, MOV, and AVI files can all be used in DSAs. Video duration should be between 5 and 16 seconds long, and the file size should be no larger than 500 MB.

When creating your Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok, you’ll want to ensure that you follow the recommendations for this particular ad format. DSAs are a type of video ad, therefore need to follow TikTok’s video ad specs. 

How Much Do TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads Cost?

TikTok lets individuals customize what they want to spend on advertising, meaning that there is no specific flat fee or cost-related to advertising on TikTok. Each brand is unique and has particular advertising goals, and depending on what those goals are, your advertising costs can vary greatly. 

Something to remember is that TikTok requires $50 a day minimum at campaign levels and $20 a day at ad levels. So you can increase your budget if necessary. However, these minimums will be required regardless. 

Larger companies can spend hundreds of thousands on advertising, while smaller companies can typically find a suitable advertising budget that fits their needs. Your budget or bid amount, duration, campaign objective, and CTR all play a role in how much you will spend on advertising. 

Best Examples of TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads

Although Dynamic Showcase Ads are relatively new, they are already proving successful. This specialized ad format is an excellent method of creating a more personalized experience for potential customers. 

Famous apparel brand Aerie decided to use DSAs and noticed a 3.5X improvement in ROAS with this campaign type. ROAS, or return on ad spend, refers to the amount of revenue earned for every dollar spent on an ad campaign.


The cool and comfy clothing brand began by starting a branded hashtag “#AerieReal” and used it to engage their audience, encouraging them to embrace their true colors. Afterward, they utilized Dynamic Showcase Ads to promote their large product inventory and drive conversions via personalized ad targeting.

This is an excellent example of how advertisers can benefit from using these personalized and creative ad formats on TikTok. The point is to build brand awareness and show off your extensive catalog of products seamlessly and natively. This allows potential customers to browse relevant products without feeling like they are having an advertisement forced on them. 

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