Consumers are exposed to thousands of promotional messages every day. Digital platforms are flooded with ad campaigns aimed at leveraging low costs and promotional efficiencies. In this cluttered environment, online promotions and discounts are more popular than ever as a way to break through and grab audience attention.

The Facebook Offer platform enables you to boost sales for your promotions or discounts. This Facebook advertising objective maintains the exclusivity that brand pages provide while making it convenient for followers to interact with the ads. It was originally introduced in 2012, but has recently been revamped with greater mobile optimization in mind.

Facebook Offer Claims were originally introduced in 2012 and were recently revamped to be optimized towards mobile.

What Are Facebook Offer Claims?

A Facebook offer campaign can be created by selecting “Offer Claims” as your advertising objective when creating a new campaign, or it can be created right from your Facebook Business page. From there you’ll be asked to develop an offer that can take the form of a percentage off, amount off, free giveaways, or a BOGO. After the offer is created, you move on to filling in all of the details about the promotion such as the percentage off, when the offer ends, how many total offers are available, whether the offer can be redeemed in-store or online, terms and conditions, etc.

Next, it’s time to create the ad itself, which is no different than how you would create an ad for any other campaign. Your ad can have multiple formats, such as a carousel, static, slideshow or video display, and objectives like increase traffic, conversions or store visits.

Claiming in-store offers can differ from claiming online offers. When creating your in-store offer, you’ll have the option to include a QR code or barcode that customers can scan in-store. Those that claim online offers receive a code to apply at checkout.

What Are the Benefits?

First, offer ads create a sense of urgency among consumers. The ads include a set expiration date corresponding to the end of the offer. And the sense of urgency is heightened further if a certain number of offers remain. That information is also displayed at the bottom of the ad and can motivate potential customers to purchase if they know numbers are limited.

Additional benefits include:

Greater Reach – A portion of Facebook’s audience pays little to no attention to traditional brand messages delivered through sponsored posts. The only way to engage them is with an offer. Furthermore, people are more likely to share ads with offers to extend your reach.

Increased Revenue – If your brand and promotional objectives involve driving more sales, a discount or deal is more likely to contribute than a branded post.

Offer Reminders – Facebook assists you and your audience by reminding users that have claimed an offer from your ad to follow through and redeem the discount.You can launch this product as an offer ad or a post on a business Facebook page.

What Are the Drawbacks?

You can’t edit an offer ad after it is created. Even if you want to extend the flight of the offer by one day, you’ll have to create an entirely new campaign. This also brings with it the risk of having Facebook’s algorithm reset as it has to relearn which creative works and to whom to serve the ads. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a nuisance.

Also, and this may be the biggest drawback of all, claimed offers do not equate to actual purchases. In my experience, there is a significant dropoff of people who claim your offer to those who actually end up purchasing. How much of a dropoff depends on a multitude of factors, including the brand, the offer, and your audiences. Generally, you see a cheaper Cost per offer Claim with prospecting audiences but a higher conversion rate among your retargeting audiences. The previously mentioned Facebook reminders help convert some claims into purchases.

Final Thoughts

Although you may not see all of the people who claimed your offer become customers, I’ve still seen great return utilizing this Facebook Offer ad format. The platform is user-friendly and highly targeted around your objective if you’re running a promotion, and it is worth at least testing out.

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