3 Essential But Often Overlooked AdWords Settings

By Tinuiti Team

Over the years I have done several account audits for clients looking to improve their AdWords efforts. Some of the clients were managing their own campaigns at the time; others had outside agency managing it for them. In both cases, I’ve noticed many accounts lack use of some basic but important settings that AdWords offers. These days, when I am tasked to audit an account, I often begin by looking within the Settings > All Settings tab at the following options…

Settings to Look Out For

Budget Delivery Method determines how a campaign budget is spent over the day. There are two options:

Ad Delivery determines which ads are shown more often for ad groups with multiple ads. There are four options:

Frequency Capping enables you to limit the number of times your ads appear to the same person on the Google Display Network. You can set daily, weekly or monthly limits and choose whether the limit applies to each ad, ad group or campaign. Without limits, your ads will be eligible to show an infinite amount of times to the same users which could cause over exposure and low click through rates. Low interaction can cause your quality scores to decrease and reduce your impressions in the long run. I find frequency capping extremely helpful for remarketing campaigns since my goal is to kindly remind users to return to my client’s sites – not annoy them to the point where they don’t return in fear of even more ads starting to follow them around the web.

AdWords offers many other important settings that can contribute to successful campaign management if used properly. To ensure proper setup, make sure you read through and understand your options before you apply them to your campaigns. It’s also important to revisit your options from time to time since AdWords rolls out new settings frequency. If you are looking for clarification or guidance on what settings you should be utilizing please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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