3 Ways Web Queries Can Save Hours

By Tinuiti Team

As a Paid Search Marketer, we are constantly spending hours upon hours going through hundreds of thousands of rows of data. We do this weekly, daily, hourly, by the second. With so much data, we can easily spend hours on one task trying to make meaningful stories out of so much info.

For re-occurring tasks that requires large sets of data (or even small for that matter) we shouldn’t have to spend hours performing the same tasks over and over again. Instead, we should use web queries. With a click of a button (“refresh”), I’ve turned a 2 hour manual weekly report into a 5-10 minute report. That simple! Below are 3 ways you can begin using web queries that would save you hours.

1. Budget Tracking

Client needs projections ASAP? Once you’ve created your own template, web queries can pull this data for you in seconds. Screenshot below of a sample budget tracker that uses a single web query and formulas that automatically populate.

2. Client Reporting

Turn re-occurring reports into automated reports. For one of my client reports, I use 5 web queries within the report. Each web query is then made into a pivot, which the pivot feeds into custom charts that I’ve built. Essentially, most pivots are hidden, so that only charts and tables are shown for the report. My detailed 5 page report, now takes me about 5 minutes to complete!

3. Optimizations

The key to success – optimizing your accounts! I use a daily web query that feeds into my budget tracker that allows me to see top level trends by product line by engine. I use a second web query that gives me daily performance by campaign. Each morning, I refresh my data and I’m able to see performance trends for each account. While I’ve kept my web queries more top level; you can also add in web queries by the keyword level. This would allow for a more granular approach with optimizing your account. However, by going this route your excel file will soon become very large (because of so much data) and web queries will take longer to process.

…And then, Web Queries Became Your BFF.

Once you start web queries, they become addicting. Soon enough, you will find a way to web query any of your re-occurring tasks and yes…you will have a new BFF.

Are you using web queries? If so, for what tasks? Sound off below!

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