5 Analytics Reports You Should Be Using Now

By Tinuiti Team

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in front of a computer staring at the same reports over and over again. You feel there has to be something more to help push the envelope for your campaigns. There has to be more you can utilize to take your efforts to the next level, right? Well, now you can relax because we’re about to review some simple, but essential reports Google Analytics provides that will help give your digital efforts that extra kick!

Behavior Flow

Use Behavior Flow to learn about your users' paths.Behavior Flow displays the path a user takes when engaging with a website. Marketers can use this report to see which keywords a user searched on and what pages they engaged with after. In addition to keywords, Analytics allows you to look at a user’s path from landing pages, campaigns, ad groups and much more. This report can give insight into when customers drop off, so you can make landing page recommendations to improve customer experience.

Site Search

Site Search report: get an idea of what your customers are looking for during their visit.

Are you stuck with adding new keywords to your account? Perhaps you’ve exhausted the keyword planner and have scoured over countless search query reports without any avail. Well with site search, you can see which keywords customers searched with directly on your site. These search queries are essential because your customers may not be getting exactly what they want when landing on a page post ad click. The caveat being your website must contain a site search option to gain access to this report.

GEO Performance

View your site metrics from a geographic standpoint.

Google AdWords provides geographic information for search campaigns. However, if we truly want to understand how customers behave in each location outside of conversions, Google Analytics provides a great report to do so. Marketers can review site engagement metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit, etc. See where customers are dropping off, so you can tailor search campaigns uniquely to each location.

Mobile Performance

Mobile Performance reports help you pinpoint device usage.

For years, mobile has been a topic of discussion as the next big thing in marketing. However, despite all of the information, some advertisers are still left behind when creating a mobile site. With Google Analytics, you can see the breakdown of how customers are visiting your website between desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Not only can you see the breakdown, but you have access to site engagement, as well as conversion metrics for these devices for all channels. This data is key to proving the case for advertisers to get going on optimizing their site for other devices.

Interests and Demographics

Understand who your audience is and what they like with Interests and Demographics reports.

If you find yourself getting stuck in a rut with your display efforts, look to interest and demographic reports in Google Analytics. These reports will give insight into age and gender information about who is visiting your website. Not only can you see age and gender, but interest and topics as well. These categories can be used to layer on targeting for Google Display Network campaigns instead of casting a wide net and hoping for success.

These are just a few added reports Google Analytics provides to help you understand your audience and their behavior. Some of the information in these reports can be found in Google AdWords, however the data here is more robust and offers performance from other channels. If you’ve become stuck with the same old AdWords reports, look to Google Analytics for additional information to help supercharge your campaign efforts. Which reports do you use?

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