5 PPC Goldmines You Should Bookmark

By Tinuiti Team

Bookmark’s are the next generation of Pokemon for nerds over the age of 21. In the spirit of giving and holiday cheer, here are a couple PPC bookmark’s from my personal collection.

PPC paid search resourcesPPC Resources to Bookmark

A Beginner’s Guide to Paid Search

Why you should bookmark it: Newbies rejoice! Liz, who has an extremely glamorous author photo outlines almost everything you need to get  started with Paid Search. Check out this article for an overview of PPC, some things to be aware of before getting started with Paid Search, PPC Keyword best practices, Paid Search budget overview, bid optimization for PPC, and more PPC goodies.

Ultimate Guide to Paid Search Acronyms & Terminology

Why you should bookmark it: Be forewarned, this is a long form post. Although its generally a bit of an overused term, ultimate is an accurate adjective for this PPC resource. The Paid Search Acronyms & Terminology article acts like a dictionary for PPC terms, and warrants a place in your PPC bookmark folder.

An Introductory Guide to Paid Search

Why you should bookmark it: Thanks to Hubspot for putting together this introductory resource on paid search. This guide is 29 pages of how to and overview on PPC and how it relates to search. Definitely worth a read and warrants saving for later reference. It’s arguably a little dated because of recent Google updates (but what isn’t in ecommerce?).

Paid Search Ad Copy Auditing 

Why you should bookmark it: This is a pretty fun Whiteboard Friday from a SEM agency. This video highlights how you can test your PPC ad copy, how to determine if your PPC ad copy is effective, A/B testing best practices, and the importance of localization for PPC.

5 Killer SEO Insights from Analyzing a Billion Dollars in AdWords Spend

Why you should bookmark it: Roll up your sleeves for some data and statistical analysis. This article is a break down of the how and where of paid search spend from a sample of 1 billion dollars. Keep in mind the study is from 2012, but it has some great insight. Such as average PPC for retail search industries, a look at Google’s clicks and impression volume and PPC’s relationship to SEO.




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