A Quick SEO Clean Up

By Tinuiti Team

Turn off the heat. Throw off your jacket. Inhale the pollen. Ah. Spring has finally arrived. For many of us, the spring season means patio weather, outdoor festivals and, of course, the inevitable spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time of year to take a quick look at your site and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) in just a few easy steps. A quick SEO clean up can give your site easy SEO wins while still giving you time to enjoy the season.

Scrub your SEO Clean With Title Tags

Take a peek at your title tag elements. Foundation elements are one of the easiest ways to improve your site’s SEO. Page Titles are the main text that summarizes to users what your webpage focuses on. Besides overall content, they are the single most important on-page SEO element. Using Google Webmaster Tools, check for duplicate title elements, which can show duplicate pages and overall poor title structures. Once you identify problem areas, write new and original title elements that follow best practices, as well as redirecting pages as needed. This step is a quick SEO clean up technique that can improve your site for the better.

Spruce Up Your SEO With Google Authorship

With Google’s recent push of it social network and inclusion of social signals as a ranking factor, Google Authorship has become increasingly important. Created to help writers keep their content under one identifiable source, it also helps Google keep track of an individual author’s content. In Google’s eyes, it is a source of credibility and legitimacy. Setting up a Google Authorship one of the ways to clean up your site’s SEO. It’s created under a Google + account and then linked to on your site’s blog. It’s a new SEO change that is definitely easy to incorporate.

Sweep Up The Competition To Clean Up SEO

Size up the competition with a little research. Keeping up with your competition remains an important component for staying on top of your SEO game. See what links and domains your competitors are being linked to and mentioned by with tools such as Open Site Explorer and the new Fresh Web Explorer SEO tool. This quick check can identify new link opportunities and relationships to explore. It’s a SEO clean up technique that can help you identify growth opportunities that can drive more traffic.

Clean Up Your SEO By Throwing Away 2012

It’s more than time to say your final good-bye to 2012. Are there still remnants of 2012 still on your site? For instance, check out the copyright year in footer. It should be updated to say 2013. Likewise, is there 2012 content that needs to be removed or archived? This is an easy and quick way to keep your site’s content relevant and useful. Likewise, is there something you did in 2012 that was a success in terms of SEO? Replicating this tactic could be important to your SEO success in 2013.

Dust Off The XML Sitemap And Clean Up Your SEO

This next SEO clean up strategy is a classic. Simply create and submit an XML sitemap to Google. Sitemaps list every page within your site.  If you already have a XML sitemap, do a spot check if there are errors. If errors are identified, you will need to update sitemap and re-submit to both Google and Bing. Keeping a sitemap up to date in Google Webmaster Tools ensures that Google crawls your website. XML Sitemaps easily measure the number of pages your site has and can help you identify how many are being indexed by the search engines.

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