AdWords Conversions Update

By Tinuiti Team

Google announced flexible conversion counting this week, an update to make AdWords conversion counting easier for advertisers.

AdWords Conversions Now Converted Clicks and Conversions

AdWords converionsFlexible conversion counting allows AdWords merchant to determine what constitutes a conversion value and delineate between conversions and other types of clicks.

“Flexible Conversion counting replaces today’s conversions (one-per-click) and conversions (many-per-click) columns with Converted clicks and Conversion columns–helping you understand the relative value of each click that results in a conversion.”- Google

AdWords new conversion columns Converted clicks and Conversions allow merchants to track and tailor conversion value.

Here are the two types of conversions advertisers can track on AdWords: 

Converted clicks– Only clicks that drive conversions

Conversions– Allows advertisers to see the relative value of each conversin click (all conversions or unique).

Google’s video explanation of the AdWords conversion update walks you through a advertiser scenario example:

AdWords Conversion Update: What It Means For Advertisers

For advertisers, Google’s AdWords conversion update gives advertisers more control over what to define as a conversion.

AdWords conversion update

Flexible conversion counting comes on the heels of other AdWords conversion updates estimated cross-device conversions and cross-account conversion tracking. The addition of the counting method is the biggest change to AdWords tracking since it impacts automated/manual bidding strategies.

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