AdWords Editor 10.4 Update Features

By Tinuiti Team

Google updated theAdWords editor  this week to version 10.4, which includes updates to Bids, Search & Dispalay Settings, Engagement Ads, Viewable CPM, images, and import settings.

AdWords Editor is Google’s downloadable desktop application that facilitates faster and more efficient bulk editing of AdWords accounts at all levels – campaign, ad group, and keyword – and upload those changes directly to the AdWords server.

Google AdWords editor update You can download AdWords Editor here.

AdWords Editor 10.4 Features

Bids and Bid Strategies

AdWords editor 10.4 update gives Google advertisers more bid flexibility with:

AdWords editor allows advertisers to make bid strategy changes for:

You can edit bid strategy in the AdWords editor under the Keywords tab here:
Edit bid strategy, AdWords editor

Under the Bid Strategies menu advertisers have multiple options for applying or editing bid strategy:
bid strategy edits, AdWords editor

Search and Display Network Settings

campaign types on AdWords editor

The AdWords editor 10.4 update also broadens the type of AdWords campaigns available to Google advertisers in AdWords Editor including:

Learn more about the four campaign types and which one is a good fit for you here.

Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads support is another element of the AdWords 10.4 update, a setting which advertisers can select in the Ad groups tab. You can choose to make an ad group an Engagement ad group or use the default setting:

Engagement ads in AdWords editor

Viewable CPM

AdWords Editor now also allows Google mechants to enable or disable viewable CPM in the Campaigns tab.

Viewable CPM lets advertisers pay for ad impressions that are viewable alone. This is a good option for retailers looking to limit spend or optimize bids for ad slots that get more visibility.

” If you’re interested in maximizing ad views, rather than clicks, this bidding strategy can help you achieve this goal better than other kinds of bid strategies.” – Google

Images Ad Sizes

The AdWords Editor update also includes additional ad sizes, 8 of which are desinged for mobile.  For more information on how to upload image ads, and ad sizes check out Google’s ad image sizes.

Sitelink Import

AdWords Editor 10.4 also includes updates to the sitelink import for importing shared sitelinks that have the same text and different URLs. This is a welcome update for advertisers with URls with campaign or ad group specific tracking.

You can learn more about AdWords editor, editor updates and features here.

AdWords Editor 10.4: What it Means for Advertisers

The AdWords Editor 10.4 updates mean more dexterity in management of flexible bid strategies for advertisers.

This will be especially important for large retailers with enormous product catalogs. For these accounts that feature product-based keyword targets, which usually means very large ad group and keyword banks, the ability to edit/apply your custom bidding strategies in bulk and on the fly is significant.

Some accounts might rely on multiple customized (or “flexible”) bidding strategies which are applied across hundreds of thousands of keywords. Now advertisers can bulk upload changes in .csv format or make bulk manual changes in Editor, rather than having to meticulously edit them within the UI.



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