AdWords Editor 12.3 | All of the New Features + Expert Analysis

By Tinuiti Team

Google recently released a new version of AdWords editor that packs some exciting new features.

Upgrading to the latest version (12.3) will give AdWords Editor users the ability to:


Here’s a quick overview of the update and what each feature offers to advertisers.


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The New Search Terms Tab

In the new version of AdWords Editor, you can now see a “Search Terms” tab when viewing your keyword lists.

You can now analyze and download search term reporting based on campaigns, ad groups, and other metrics. This could be great for identifying new keyword opportunities.

“This is a great workflow enhancement. This simply removes a step by allowing you to pull the data directly from AdWords Editor and make all of your edits in one place, which saves advertisers valuable time and streamlines the search query optimization process.”

lewis brannon

-Lewis Brannon, Paid Search Manager at CPC  Strategy


How to view and download the search terms report:

1. Sign in to AdWords Editor.

2. In the type list, select Keywords or Keywords, Negative.

3. Click the Search terms button in the data view. Note: You may be asked to sign into your AdWords account and then paste a code into AdWords Editor.


adwords editor 12.3 search term report 1


4. In the window that appears, select the date range for the report.

5. Select the campaigns and ad groups you’d like to see search terms for.

6. Under “Select stats,” choose which metrics you’d like to see in the report among the “Performance” and “Statistics” dropdown menu.

7. Optional: Under “Save this set of stats as,”  you can save the report with a name.

8. Click OK.


google adwords editor 12.3 search terms report 2


9. A search terms window appears with your report showing metrics for the search terms you selected.


google adwords 12.3 search terms report 3



Create or Edit Shopping Campaigns With a CSV Filelewis brannon

Google is now allowing you to make edits to your campaigns with CSV files.

“This allows for more flexibility when editing and creating Shopping campaigns in bulk with CSV uploads. Older versions were clunky in dealing with Shopping data bulk uploads. This update allows for seamless uploads and campaign editing.”


 TrueView for Action Support

The update now brings support for a new a campaign type, TrueView for Action.

“Previously, this new campaign type was not supported in Editor. This is good news for advertisers using this campaign type,” says Lewis Brannon, “we can now see the campaign data and make edits to these campaigns in Editor, whereas before it was all done through the UI.”

Custom Intent Audiences

You can now manage custom intent audiences. This new targeting tool was released earlier this year, and allows advertisers to reach audiences that intend to purchase a specific product or service.

Lewis Brannon says,

“Custom Intent Audiences are a new feature in AdWords for Display campaigns – it’s nice that Editor now supports them so we can easily copy/paste them across campaigns or edit them if needed.”

 adwords editor

Additional features of AdWords Editor 12.3

Other features supported in this update include:


For more information, you can read Google’s official announcement on AdWords Editor 12.3 here.


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