The DL on the AdWords Previous Visits Extension

By Tinuiti Team

AdWords extensions are an opportunity for PPC advertisers to boost conversions, bolster branding, and increase SERP space on Google. There are quite a few AdWords extensions advertisers can utilize to optimize profitability and increase sales:

While many advertisers leverage review and location extensions, the previous visit extension is touted far less often- despite its overt benefits to paid search advertisers.

Below is an overview of the underused previous visit extension, and how it benefits your online campaigns.

Previous Visit Extensions

The AdWords previous visits extension highlights your store ads to searchers who have already been to your website- with a specific ad callout:

PPC extension previous visits

AdWords previous visit extensions populate automatically on Google search below link text in PPC ads (for logged in Google users), without any setup on the part of the advertiser.

AdWords Previous Visits Extension  –  Highlights previously visited stores to Google searchers within PPC text

The previous visits extension appears when searchers click through to a website from Google search links or text ads

AdWords Previous Visits Extension Benefits

The AdWords previous visits extension leads previous site visitors searching back to your website, reminding them that they’ve been to your store.

Previous Visits Extension Benefits:

For online sellers, Adwords previous visit extensions  is an opportunity to gain a lifetime customer, and at the very least get a repeat conversion.


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