Become to Offer “free” Logo Listings

By Tinuiti Team has recently come out with an announcement that they’re offering “Free” logo listings for merchants on their site:

We will be instituting a new policy effective immediately offering logo placement on PSERPs and merchant tables as a premier feature, available only to merchants bidding $0.10 above category minimums.

The caveat here is that it is only going to be “free” for merchants bidding at least $0.10 per click over the category minimum–or basically what it costs to list a logo in the first place.

And while there are certainly instances where bidding can be useful, e.g. a newer client on the engines that’s not getting much traffic and whose primary goal is product exposure–we at CPC Strategy tend to shy most of our clients away from bidding, as it can be a quick way to see your spend on the shopping engines skyrocket.

Also, in light of the state of the retail space, unless of course your name is Amazon, we’re definitely fans of anything the engines do that benefit the merchants, particularly if it’s “free.”

However as we like to warn our clients though, bidder beware.

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