Bing Ads Editor Test Run

By Tinuiti Team

Bing AdWords editor I’m relatively new to Bing Ads. Coming from someone who uses the AdWords Editor on a daily basis, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Bing Ads Editor. When I heard they launched a new version, I had to download the new Bing Ads Editor and give it a spin.

These are just a few on the things I noticed on a quick test drive of the new Bing Ads Editor.

First thing I noticed was how it’s beginning to look a bit similar to the AdWords Editor. “Get Changes” rather than “Sync” eradicates the confusion of syncing offline changes to Bing, or syncing your offline editor to what’s already live on Bing. Not a big deal, but it’s less confusing and shows that Bing Ads Editor is looking to mirror some thing from the AdWords Editor:

Bing ads editor

Previously with the Bing Ads Editor, I would get frustrated when working in the slow, clunky Bing Ads Editor. It seemed redundant when I would pause keywords or change bids in bulk. I would have to download the report, change the status or bid in Excel, then upload through the Bing Ads Editor with the new status or bid. See, it’s exhausting just reading that!

Now you have the ability to pause and change bids in bulk within the Editors’ interface:
Bing Ads editor change bids in bulk

But my favorite Bing Ads Editor update is incremental bid changes within the interface. Not only do I not have to download the account anymore to change bids, but I don’t have to multiply the bids in Excel and go through the whole process of filtering, dragging and dropping formulas, and making sure my values are pasted correctly. I can increase or decrease by a set percentage with no hassle!
Bing Ads editor, change bid percentage

These are some of the helpful changes I like on the new Bing Ads Editor. I’m sure there’s plenty more features to showcase.


What new features have you enjoyed with the new Bing Ads Editor?

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