Bing Ads & Bing Product Ads: Fatal 1-2 Punch

By Tinuiti Team

What’s the difference between Bing Product Ads and Bing Ads?

Bing Ads are a pay per click (PPC) advertising service run through Bing Search which display ads based on terms (keywords) online shoppers type into the Bing search box. Ads related to search queries appear across the Yahoo! Bing Network on search and other sites.

Bing Product Ads are a recent Bing advertising addition which act similar to Google Product Listing Ads. Bing Product Ads are PPC product ads which appear with images on search. Unlike Bing Ads, Bing Product Ads appear based on user intent but are not dictated by keywords.

Similarly, Bing Ads are managed with keywords, whereas Bing Product ads are managed and optimized on a product base for campaign structure and bidding within the Bing Advertising login.

Bing Product Ads

Who should use Bing Product Ads?


Bing’s search network volume


Bing Product Ads is often cited as Bing’s version of Google Product Listing Ads. Google Product Ads and AdWords ads work in conjunction to increase conversions, ROI and clicks for merchants on Google. Both advertising programs leverage product information but are tailored and managed in different ways which leverage user intent.

When Google Shopping paid ads first appeared many retailers were hesitant to jump on board, but those who did so early reaped the benefits of experience with the program and less competition out the gate.



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